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Naval Base

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Naval Bases provide bonuses to a Clan and its members, depending on which structures the Clan has built. There are a variety of structures available, including options for increasing the experience gains in ships of each nation, reducing the service costs of specific ship classes, and providing a discount on purchase costs of specific ship tiers. Each of these structures is purchased using Oil.


Players in a Clan can earn Oil, a Clan-specific resource to spend on building structures that improve the clan Naval Base and which provide bonuses to Clan members. While Wargaming will also occasionally offer in-game missions that reward Oil, it is earned regularly through two primary methods:
•  Each Container opened by a Clan member will add 10 Oil (Icon_reward_clanResource.png) to the Clan's stockpile. This bonus does not have a daily limit, and applies to regular Containers, Supercontainers, and any special Containers earned or purchased from the Premium Shop.
•  Each victory in Clan Battles will add 30 Oil (Icon_reward_clanResource.png) to the Clan's stockpile. The maximum that can be earned is 90 Oil (Icon_reward_clanResource.png) per member per day.
Players in a clan pool their Oil (Icon_reward_clanResource.png) to build Structures that benefit all clan members.


While any member can view the list of structures and their bonuses, only clan members given the role of "Builder" can build structures. Ten (10) types of structures are ultimately planned, with five (5) available in the first version. Each structure type modifies one in-game parameter. Structures are marked with special flags in order to indicate which ship type a certain structure type affects. The Clan's "Builder" opens flags by spending Oil. Opened flags make the structure's features available for the group of ships indicated on the flag, and a structure's current flags are indicated on its icon.


Headquarters facilities allow a Clan to grow beyond the base cap of 30 members.
Building Oil cost Effect
Squadron Staff 20,000Icon_reward_clanResource.png Increases maximum number of clan members by 10 (to 40).
Task Force Staff 100,000Icon_reward_clanResource.png Increases maximum number of clan members by 10 (to 50).

Research Center

Research Center facilities increase the experience gains of Clan members in ships of a particular nation by +3%. Research Centers are only available for nations that have regular tech tree ships available.
Building Oil cost Nation
Bureau of Engineering 2,000Icon_reward_clanResource.png Wows_flag_USA.png
Kansei Hombu 2,000Icon_reward_clanResource.png Wows_flag_Japan.png
Amt Kriegsschiffsbau 2,000Icon_reward_clanResource.png Wows_flag_Germany.png
Directorate of Naval Construction 2,000Icon_reward_clanResource.png Wows_flag_UK.png
Shipbuilding and Armament Bureau 2,000Icon_reward_clanResource.png Wows_flag_SSSR.png
Service Technique des Constructions Navales 2,000Icon_reward_clanResource.png Wows_flag_France.png
Naval Construction Staff Group 2,000Icon_reward_clanResource.png Wows_flag_Pan_Asia.png


Dock facilities decrease Clan members' service cost of ships of the referenced type by 10%.
Building Oil cost Type
Slip 4,000Icon_reward_clanResource.png Destroyers
Small Dock 4,000Icon_reward_clanResource.png Cruisers
Large Dock 5,000Icon_reward_clanResource.png Battleships
Medium Dock 5,000Icon_reward_clanResource.png Aircraft Carriers


Shipyard facilities decrease the credit cost of ships of a particular tier by 10% for Clan members. Any discounts on purchasing a ship will also apply to their sale; if a player buys and then sells the same ship while the 10% bonus is active, they will save 5% of the initial cost of the ship. If any other discount is active when the bonus is, they are not added together, but the larger one applies.
Building Oil cost Tier
Tier V Boathouse 50Icon_reward_clanResource.png Tier V
Tier VI Boathouse 200Icon_reward_clanResource.png Tier VI
Tier VII Boathouse 1,000Icon_reward_clanResource.png Tier VII
Tier VIII Boathouse 5,000Icon_reward_clanResource.png Tier VIII

Future discounts for Tier IX-X ships are planned, but are not available in the current iteration.

Rostral Column

This structure stands as testament to the glory and honor of the Clan. It costs a mere 100Icon_reward_clanResource.png, and proudly displays logos and insignia earned by the clan through Clan Battles.