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In Pursuit of Strasbourg

In Pursuit of Strasbourg

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The "In Pursuit of Strasbourg" campaign was a short but demanding campaign, that offered experienced players the opportunity to hone their skills, teamwork, and gameplay. It was introduced in Update 0.9.12 alongside the Ships and Fates campaign. The first mission was available with the release of Update 0.9.12, with the others unlocking each week.

The campaign required a player to have ships of at least Tier V in order to complete, and was comprised of 28 different tasks spread out over 4 missions. There were achievements for both completing the campaign and completing all tasks in the campaign.

Each mission was comprised of various tasks. Like all other campaigns, each task could be repeated multiple times; the pins would be awarded each time it was completed, but the rewards were granted only upon first completion.

Mission 1 - Available from 21 December 2020

Mission 2 - Available from 28 December 2020

Mission 3 - Available from 4 January 2021

Mission 4 - Available from 11 January 2021