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Patches and emblems[1] provide an additional way to customize a player's in-game appearance. They are a form of personalized cosmetic for captains in World of Warships. Patches are created from a mix of available symbols and backgrounds, while emblems (no backgrounds) demonstrate competency in battle by having requirements that must be achieved in order to attain them.

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Choosing and Modifying

The location of the Insignia button.

The currently selected patch or emblem is displayed just inside the upper left corner of the Port screen top bar. This is the Insignia button. (The Privateer emblem is shown in the example image.)

Clicking the Insignia button brings up the patch/emblem selector screens — a series of menus showing the components and emblems available for selection.

Viewing Other Players' Patches and Emblems

Patches and emblems are displayed in a few places in-game:

  • By mousing over a players name in the team lists, both on loading and in match.
  • Mousing over a player name in your contacts list or chat box in port.
  • An enemy's patch or emblem will appear in the middle of the screen for a short time after he has sunk you in battle.
  • Over top of your ship information in the bottom left corner of the screen when spectating a match postmortem.


Patches are composed of two parts: symbol and background, each of which is the captain's choice. There are many symbols and backgrounds available to choose from.

The components shown below drop in daily containers. Additional patches and backgrounds are available in the Armory, and a few from other sources. See Special Patches below.

For a comprehensive display of normally available symbols, backgrounds, and emblems, and the ones in your posession, refer to your Captain's Logbook in Port.

Patch Architect

"Symbol" Patches

This 'rethinked' kind of patches doesn't use backgrounds. Instead, they behave like an Emblem.

S-Patch View

Make S-Patch


Performance Emblems

Performance emblems can be earned by meeting fixed requirements. Performance emblems are arranged in sets of four, each with progressively more difficult requirements. Currently there are two types of emblems; national performance and ship class performance.

National Performance Emblems

The national performance emblems require a captain to place in the top three on the team by base experience (BXP) in a victory in ships of a certain nation. The number of such placements determines the level of emblem earned.

National performance emblems can only be earned in ships of Tier VIII-X, and only in Random Battles.

Ship Type Performance Emblems

Ship type performance emblems require the captain to maintain a certain average damage in the ship type over 100 battles. Progressively higher level emblems must be earned in progressively higher tier ships of the type.

Ship type performance emblems can be earned only in Random Battles. The 'damage done' results of the last 100 battles are averaged for emblems in this section.

Special Emblems

Special emblems are awarded for participating in events and competitions, to testers for internal accomplishments, and to represent certain special statuses, such as participation in the Supertester or Privateer programs.

Emblem Viewer


Make Emblem


  1. Patches and emblems were introduced in Update 0.7.0.