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Update 0.10.10: Superships

The following new features await you in Update 0.10.10:

  • Superships piercing waves in Ranked and Co-op Battles
  • Arms Race as a standalone battle type
  • Massive graphics update
  • Combat mission groups with the ultimate completion reward being VI Novorossiysk
  • New season of Clan Battles
  • Tweaks to submarines

Let's dive into the details of these and other changes!

Superships in Ranked Battles ● Arms Race ● Novorossiysk Service ● Soviet Aircraft Carriers ● German Battleships ● Visual Improvements ● Clan Battles ● Submarine Tweaks ● Division Achievements and Division Stars ● Armory ● Game Balance Changes ● Other New Features and Changes

Superships in Ranked Battles

Update 0.10.10 kicks off the Fifth Season of Ranked Battles, which you can join at the helms of superships.

Apart from super battleships Satsuma and Hannover, which you already had a chance to helm during the Grand Battle event in Update 0.10.5, four more superships await you in the game: Condé, Annapolis, Yamagiri, and Zorkiy. Like their forerunners, the new superships boast unique features that will allow players to pursue alternative gameplay tactics and employ different decision-making strategies in battle.

Condé, Annapolis, and Zorkiy have one additional firing mode that can be activated by pressing the F key. After switching to this mode, each separate turret can automatically deliver several consecutive salvos in rapid succession before being subjected to a long reload. Depending on the ship, activating this mode changes the characteristics of shells or guns.

Yamagiri is armed with two types of torpedoes that can be switched between in battle. The torpedoes differ by various parameters such as range, speed, and damage. Switching to the alternative torpedoes takes an additional fixed amount of time that is separate from the reloading mechanic. Torpedo-tube reloading is suspended while switching to the alternative torpedo type and then resumes immediately after.

We have changed Combat Instructions — the unique feature of Satsuma and Hannover. Now, the adjustment fire bonus will not trigger automatically. Instead, it is now activated by pressing the F key. This change will allow these super battleships to apply the power-up bonus at the most optimal moment.

All six superships will be available for rent from random bundles that can be obtained in exchange for a new resource — Supership Tokens — in the Armory. You can earn Tokens by completing special combat missions playing Tier X ships. This will help us prevent the battle queue from filling up with superships only.

In addition to Ranked Battles, you can also helm superships into Co-op Battles—a great place to tame the new ships and get to know their mechanics in a more relaxed environment.

Ranked Season Format

  • 7 vs. 7
  • Tier X ships and superships in all three leagues

The season is divided into six Sprints. The first Sprint lasts 1 week. All the other Sprints each run for 2 weeks. Each new Sprint starts immediately after the end of the previous one.

This season will not feature submarines. The matchmaker will apply the standard ship type restrictions. In terms of superships, team lineups will be mirrored. Details of the new Ranked Battles season and superships will be released in a dedicated article on our website.

Arms Race

Arms Race is back as a temporary battle type in Update 0.10.10. This represents an important testing round before we add Arms Race to Random Battles at some point in the future. Arms Race brings various buffs scattered around the map that spice up the usual flow of battle. Once picked up, they benefit your entire team by improving combat characteristics right until the end of each battle.

Format: 12 vs. 12, playing Tier IX and X ships.

Maps: Islands of Ice, Sleeping Giant, Warrior's Path, Mountain Range, and Northern Waters.

The new iteration features new buffs that boost armament damage and increase the current and maximum HP values. We have also introduced the following changes:

  • The HP-regenerating buff turned out to be overly effective compared with others and reduced the appeal of the Repair Party consumable for players. We have reduced the efficiency of the buff while also refocusing it to first restore the parts of ships that cannot be repaired by the Repair Party consumable.
  • The following buffs have been removed: consumable cooldown time reduction for ships and squadrons, ship acceleration and rudder-shift time reduction, and the Engine Cooling aircraft consumable cooldown time reduction.
  • Reload acceleration turned out to be inefficient. It provided a significant bonus only after several levels of this buff had been picked up. Players were only able to achieve this in the middle or closer to the end of a battle when most ships are typically left with just a few consumable charges or none at all.
  • Boosting ship speed and maneuverability was excessively effective for a limited number of ships. For most ships, this boost was of little benefit.
  • Players will now earn XP and Credits for picking up buffs, and the maximum number of levels of the same-type buffs has been reduced from six to three. This will enhance the overall effect provided by each particular level.

Details of the Arms Race mode will be announced at a later date.

Novorossiysk Service

A week after Update 0.10.10 goes live, players will be able to access five themed combat mission groups named "Novorossiysk Service." Completing those combat mission groups, as well as individual missions, will reward you with expendable camouflages and signals. Once you have completed the fifth group, you will get VI Novorossiysk, a Commander with 6 skill points, and a Port slot.

Check the game client for details about how to complete the missions.

Soviet Aircraft Carriers

With the release of Update 0.10.10, IV Komsomolets, VI Serov, VIII Pobeda, and X Admiral Nakhimov will be available for all players to research.

Features of the branch

  • Squadrons consist of a single flight that carries out one powerful attack with all aircraft at once.
  • Small number of aircraft in squadrons.
  • Starting from Tier VIII, aircraft are equipped with jet boosters. As with the aircraft of VI Ise and VIII Tone, the boosters kick in automatically during takeoff and provide a short-term increase in speed.
  • Aircraft with small HP pools and low cruising speeds.
  • All aircraft carriers are equipped with skip bombers armed with HE bombs instead of standard bombers.
  • The torpedo bombers are armed with torpedoes that have a long range and take longer to arm.
  • Starting from Tier VI, attack aircraft squadrons are armed with powerful HE rockets, but they do not carry many of them.

German Battleships

In Update 0.10.10, Early Access continues for German Tier III–IX battleships.

You can spend German Tokens on sequentially available bundles with these ships and the following permanent camouflages: German Eagle for IX Prinz Rupprecht and X Schlieffen; German Navy for VII Prinz Heinrich and VIII Zieten.

A special combat mission will become available with the release of the update. Completing it will reward you with a flag and a "German Battleships: Part 2" patch.

We have decorated the Port of Hamburg.

Visual Improvements

Update 0.10.10 brings quite a few large-scale improvements and changes to the graphics as we continue working on the game's visuals.

New water

Water simulation and visuals have been completely reworked for all maps. The new simulation system can create waves of any shape and height while also adding realism to wave dynamics. This means that waves will now gently rock a ship, and the ship will produce a response that varies according to the wave height. This change will not affect game play.

We have improved the display of the sun glitter path over water and other optical effects on the water's surface. Added dynamic sea foam and updated the ship wake effect.

With low graphics settings, water simulation will remain unchanged.

HD textures on maps

We are launching a massive update for all maps and Ports to accommodate enhanced HD textures. In Update 0.10.10, high-detail textures will be added to the Two Brothers and Hotspot maps, as well as the Philippines, Saint-Petersburg, and Twitch Prime Ports.

Future updates will bring high-detail textures for the other maps and Ports. However, like with HDR lighting, such an update requires a huge amount of content to be reworked and an individual approach to each map and Port. For that reason, adopting the new technology for all maps and Ports in the game will take time and be implemented incrementally with the release of future updates.

Underwater world, vegetation, and animations

We are continuing to improve the underwater world in our game. In Update 0.10.10, we have added underwater vegetation on the Two Brothers and Hotspot maps. The underwater world will also appear on the Haven, Sleeping Giant, and Crash Zone Alpha maps. In the nearest updates, we will focus on adding improvements to the underwater world on other maps as well.

Vegetation has been enhanced on all maps and in all Ports. Trees look more realistic with enhanced shading and rays of sunlight shining through the green foliage. We have also reworked the wind-tree interactions. We have added more trees and other green foliage on maps.

Ports and maps with HD textures now feature birds, fish, flying flags, and other moving objects. We will continue adding more animated objects to maps and Ports over time.

More details on how we have been enhancing graphics can be found in a dedicated article.

Clan Battles

In Update 0.10.10, we are launching Clan Battles Season 15—"Narwhal," which will be held in a 7 vs. 7 format playing Tier X ships.

Starts: Tue. Nov. 16 4:30 PM PT / your local time: Tue. Nov. 16 6:30 PM Ends: Sun. Jan. 16 8:30 PM PT / your local time: Sun. Jan. 16 10:30 PM

Clan Battles will take place on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.


  • Aircraft carriers are not allowed.
  • No more than two battleships per team.
  • A team cannot have two identical ships in its lineup.

To add diversity to the "established" Tier X game play of Clan Battles and shake those battles up a little, we have imposed a limit on the numbers of identical ships in teams. Through this, we aim to make team lineups a lot more diverse, which we hope will make battles even more spectacular!

Apart from that, we have decided to exclude aircraft carriers from the season. In future seasons, however, carriers will appear in Clan Battles again. As the season rolls on, additional restrictions may be imposed on the number of specific ships per team. More details about the new season of Clan Battles will be available in a [ dedicated article] on our website.

Submarine Tweaks

The periscopes of submarines have been piercing through waves in Live Server Random Battles for an entire update now. We are extremely grateful to our players for the battles played helming or countering submarines, and for all the feedback that is helping us shape the new ship type and make the experience of helming or countering them more interesting and engaging.

In Update 0.10.10, we have introduced a number of important changes for this ship type based on collected data and your feedback.

Changes to torpedoes

The only "meaningful" weapon that submarines carry is their torpedo tubes. Mechanics like sonar pings and homing are essential for submarines as a ship type to offer distinctive and interesting game play that is relevant for an action-packed battle. This, however, comes at the cost of subs being fragile and firing only a tiny number of torpedoes per salvo.

But even though the data suggests that submarine torpedoes are not over-powered, we have heard our players say that submarine torpedoes are currently both effective and easy to master at the same time, while countering them poses quite a challenge. When used wisely, sonar pings could give sub Captains everything at once, i.e. both torpedo homing and increased damage. For the other ship types, interacting with such torpedoes in battle could hardly be called a pleasant experience.

To solve this problem while preserving the unique game play of submarines, we split their torpedoes into two types. They receive different bonuses from sonar pings:

  • The first type is homing torpedoes. These have reduced maneuvering capabilities, and the distance at which they cease to home in on cruisers and destroyers is increased by a factor of two. The other characteristics correspond to those currently in effect for submarine torpedoes. As long as the effect of one sonar ping hit remains active, these torpedoes will home in on a target. The effect of a second sonar ping hit improves homing but does not make it any better than it currently is on the Live Server, nor does it have any effect on how much damage the torpedo can deal.
  • The other type comes in the form of torpedoes that can deal increased damage. Their standard damage is slightly higher than that of homing torpedoes. The effect of the first sonar ping hit reduces the detectability range of these torpedoes by 25%. A second ping hit increases the damage dealt to the target by a factor of two if the torpedoes hit the ship's anti-torpedo protection. With the ping hit effect still active, this type of torpedo can home in on a target vertically (i.e. it can ascend or dive, depending on positions of the target and sub) but not horizontally.

Tier VI subs will receive homing torpedoes only when submarines of Tier VIII and X are equipped with torpedoes of both types. The torpedo switching mechanics are the same as those used for destroyer Yamagiri. Switching between torpedo types takes a certain amount of time, and the reload status of the torpedo tubes remains the same as it was before torpedo switching was activated.

The different torpedo types will offer sub Captains a choice between accuracy and damage while also substantially improving the game play experience for players helming the other ship types.

Alternative Torpedo Characteristics

VIII Salmon

  • Reload time: 48 s
  • Torpedo-type switching time: 5 s
  • Range: 11 km
  • Maximum damage: 11,600
  • Speed: 86 knots

X Balao

  • Reload time: 46 s
  • Torpedo-type switching time: 5 s
  • Range: 12 km
  • Maximum damage: 11,600
  • Speed: 89 knots

VIII U-190

  • Reload time: 58 s
  • Torpedo-type switching time: 5 s
  • Range: 12.5 km
  • Maximum damage: 12,033
  • Speed: 77 knots

X U-2501

  • Reload time: 77 s
  • Torpedo-type switching time: 5 s
  • Range: 14 km
  • Maximum damage: 12,033
  • Speed: 82 knots

Submarine spotting range at depth

Apart from their damage-dealing capabilities, subs are pretty good at detecting hostile ships while underwater. We decided that these capabilities were excessive and did not fit well into the basic concept of this ship type. For this reason, the standard range of surface ship detectability by submarines at their operating depth has been reduced to 2 kilometers, and in a future update, it will be replaced by the assured acquisition range. That said, subs will no longer be able to spot hostile ships while lurking in the relative safety of the depths.

Changing depth and sub detectability tweaks

By constantly switching between the surface and periscope depth levels, players were able to reduce their submarine's detectability without depleting dive capacity. This was because their detectability range would start to change almost immediately as they shifted between depths. This does not fit with the intended game play, and from now on, detectability will change at the periscope and maximum depths. Testing will continue

While these changes will have a substantial effect on game play, there are still many submarine mechanics that we have not even approached yet. We need more data to be able to test subs in the best way we can. This will allow us to effectively decide what other changes are needed. With that being said, we will continue testing subs, despite the fixes planned for release with Update 0.10.10. For this reason, all battles played before Update 0.10.10 hits the servers are still extremely valuable in this respect.

Division Achievements and Stars

Division Achievements

We have added the following five achievements that can only be earned by playing as part of a Division in Random Battles:

  • Coordinated Attack Your Division must destroy at least seven enemy ships.
  • Shoulder to Shoulder Your Division must damage at least 10 enemy ships. The damage caused to each ship must amount to at least 20% of her normal HP.
  • Brothers in Arms Each Division mate must destroy at least two enemy ships in a single battle.
  • Strike Team Damage caused by a Division must be equal to 50% or more of the consolidated total normal HP of all enemy ships.
  • General Offensive Your Division must destroy hostile ships of three different types.

The above achievements can be earned in Random Battles.

Division Stars

During the update, players will be able to earn Division Stars — special bonuses issued for playing together with each Clanmate.

  • You can get a Division Star by playing in a Division with your Clanmates.
  • The Stars can be earned in all battle types, except for Training Battles.
  • Earning certain numbers of Stars unlocks access to various rewards.
  • If you switch Clans, any Stars and rewards you previously received remain with you.
  • To see the roster of Clanmates who you can team up with in a Division, as well as the list of rewards you can get, navigate to the Division Star tab in the Clans section.

Starting from Update 0.10.10, playing with each of your Clanmates can bring you up to three Stars:

  • One for a victorious battle.
  • One for earning the Coordinated Attack achievement.
  • One for earning the Strike Team achievement.


The following ships will become available in the Armory with the release of the Update:

X Gibraltar is a heavy cruiser that carries twelve 234 mm guns housed in three turrets. She fires shells along a flat ballistic trajectory. The ship is armed only with AP shells that have enhanced ricochet angles and short fuse delay, which significantly increases their efficiency. Gibraltar is equipped with Hydroacoustic Search, Repair Party, and a variant of Smoke Generator with a short smoke screen setting time and long smoke screen dispersion time. All consumables are available in separate slots.

The ship is available in the Research Bureau for 59,000 Research Points.

IX Tulsa is a ship based on the Oregon City-class heavy cruisers. She is armed with six 203 mm guns that have a short reload time for the caliber and AP shells with enhanced ricochet angles. Tulsa has a good AA defense system and decent set of consumables: Repair Party, Surveillance Radar, and a choice between Hydroacoustic Search and Defensive AA Fire.

You can get the ship in exchange for Coal228,000 Coal.

We have added the Shark Rage permanent camouflage for X Austin. You can obtain it in exchange for 3 Clan Tokens.

With the release of Update 0.10.10, all Festive Tokens and Soviet Tokens will be converted into Credits at the rate of 1:90,000 and 1:6,000, respectively.

Game Balance Changes

As we have previously announced, Update 0.10.10 brings in balance tweaks for X Petropavlovsk, X Zaō, and X Franklin D. Roosevelt. These are minor fixes, but we need to make them to correctly adjust the balance characteristics of those ships. Further changes may follow in future updates, should they be required. We have also made some changes to the parameters of other ships based on our analysis of their battle efficiency and player feedback. Details will follow shortly. Stay tuned for a special video in which we will tell you how we balance ships in the game.

Summary of Changes

X Zaō

  • Ship HP pool increased from 40,800 to 42,800.

X Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • Attack aircraft HP pool reduced from 3,200 to 3,040.
  • Dive bomber HP pool reduced from 3,710 to 3,525.
  • Torpedo bomber HP pool reduced from 3,690 to 3,505.

X Stalingrad

  • Main battery reload time increased from 20 to 21 s.

X Petropavlovsk

  • Main battery reload time increased from 13.5 to 14 s.

X Yueyang

  • Torpedo-tube reload time reduced from 139 to 129 s.

IX Marco Polo

  • Sigma parameter increased from 1.8 to 1.9.

IX Buffalo

  • Main battery reload time reduced from 12 to 11.5 s.

IX Z-44

  • Detectability range by sea reduced from 7.8 to 7.5 km. Other detectability values were reduced accordingly.

VIII Monarch

  • Main battery standard firing range increased from 17 to 17.5 km.
  • Main battery maximum firing range with Gun Fire Control System increased from 18.7 to 19.2 km.

VII Sinop

  • Maximum AP shell damage reduced from 12,950 to 12,500.

V Kotovsky

  • Main battery reload time reduced from 10 to 9.5 s.

V Conte di Cavour, Pyotr Velikiy, Iron Duke, Hawkins, Emerald

  • Secondary battery maximum firing range reduced from 4.5 to 4.3 km.

II Nino Bixio, Chester, Diana, Diana Lima, Albany, Almirante Abreu

  • Secondary battery maximum firing range increased to 3.2 km.

II Chikuma

  • Secondary battery maximum firing range reduced from 3.5 to 3.2 km.

We have also made minor changes to the secondary battery firing range of VI Dallas, VI Leander, VI Devonshire, and IX Izumo.

Other New Features and Changes

Changes to Economics

We have changed the availability, cost, and characteristics of certain signals and camouflages:

  • Expendable camouflages "For Meritorious Service," Rising, and Blue Lagoon, as well as economic signal India Bravo Terrathree, can no longer be obtained.
  • We changed the bonuses and cost of the Type 1 and Type 2 camouflages. They will differ from the Type 5 camouflage only visually:
    • The camouflages will provide –3% to the detectability range by sea and +4% to the dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship.
    • The cost of the camouflages has been increased from 7,500 to 22,500 Credits.

We are working to differentiate elements of the exterior (camouflages and signals) from economic bonuses. The above changes to the accessibility and characteristics of the camouflages and signals are a part of that large-scale change. We will share more information at a later date.

Battle Performance Bonuses

We are starting to the get things up and ready for the New Year frenzy! As early as in Update 0.10.10, you can earn festive battle performance bonuses on all of your Tier V and higher ships. Depending on the ship's tier, you can grab Coal, Steel, or a special temporary resource called New Year Certificates that you can exchange for Santa's Gift containers in Update 0.10.11.

You can get 1x Santa's Gift container in exchange for 1 New Year Certificate. A Santa's Big Gift container will be available in exchange for 3 Certificates, and a Santa's Mega Gift container will require as many as 5 Certificates.

Access to the festive battle performance bonuses will open 1 week after Update 0.10.10 goes live and will continue until the end of Update 0.10.11. This way, players will have more time to get New Year Certificates and other festive bonuses.

Changes to the Naval Battle

Throughout the entire duration of Update 0.10.10, the Engagement stage of the Naval Battle will be held in a group format. Clans will be randomly divided between several groups of 25 or 50 Clans each. The amount of Oil earned depends on the number of Stars obtained and the Clan's place in its own group.

Once Update 0.10.11 goes live, the standard format of the Engagement will be replaced by the group format every 4 weeks.

Improvements to the Game Center

Inside the Wargaming.net Game Center (WGC), you've long been able to activate codes with a button on the player panel. (Click the player icon UL, then Activate Wargaming Code.)

Until this patch it logged you into your browser under the selected account. This was slow, and with multiple accounts you were never quite sure what account your browser was left logged into.

Now, when you press the button, a field comes up to enter the code right in the WGC. It is fast, and won't affect your browser log-in state.

Content Additions and Changes

  • As Black Friday draws closer, we have decorated the Port of New York and added the following items:
  • To commemorate the attack on Pearl Harbor, we have added:
    • Commanders Roger Archibald and Koichi Nagata
    • Battleship Arizona Memorial flag
    • 80th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor patch
  • For the Sea Smackdown replay contest, we have added a same-name flag, patch, expendable camouflage, and achievement.
  • Other content:
    • Peaceful Skies expendable camouflage
    • Four Years on Steam patch and flag
    • Steam Supercontainer
Details on how to obtain these in-game items will be announced later.
  • The following ships have been added for testing by developers, supertesters, and community contributors: V Chungking, VI Rahmat, VII Chumphon, VIII Harbin, IX Sejong, X Jinan, IX Dalian, X Delny, and X Preussen.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • The Port of Saint Petersburg has been decorated.
  • We have reworked the portraits of all Commanders in the game and brought them to a uniform size. Added new Commander portraits for the U.S.; Great Britain; the U.S.S.R.; Italy; Pan-Asia; and France.
  • You can now filter out or display rented ships in the ship carousel.
  • Reworked the secondary battery model for IX Kearsarge.
  • Fixed an issue that caused torpedo tubes on board submarines to be displayed incorrectly in a sub's dynamic icon.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed submarines to avoid dive capacity depletion by constantly changing depths.
  • Fixed an issue that caused submarine torpedoes to incorrectly aim at targets located near the borders of maps.
  • Fixed an issue that caused one of X Hayate's turrets to have different shell ballistics compared with the ship's other turrets.
  • For all aircraft carriers with skip bombers, we added the Skip Bomber Modification 1 upgrade in Slot 3 (skip bomber attack time: +2 s). The upgrade in Slot 4 (Skip Bomber Modification 1) was renamed Skip Bomber Modification 2.
  • The FidelityFX CAS Upscale filter in the game client was replaced with FidelityFX FSR Upscale. The change will slightly improve the image quality and reduce the load on video systems when using FSR.
  • The alternative color schemes for the Phantom, Combat, and Tropical camouflages for VIII Atago, as well as the Ajax 1940 camouflage for VI Leander, are available again.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented activation of the Torpedo Aiming Master submarine Commander skill when firing a single torpedo.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the torpedo reload time to be displayed incorrectly on the Armament Panel for American submarines.

Other improvements and changes For a complete list, please refer to Player Support.

  • Fixed the models and textures of ARP Takao, Von Der Tann, Colorado, F. D. Roosevelt, Groningen, Kagerō, De Zeven Provinciën, Ranger, Yamato, Kongō, U-190, U-2501, République, Minotaur, Salmon, Béarn, V. Veneto, Kearsarge, Graf Spee, Serov, Hakuryū, Anshan, Fushun, Amalfi, Ise, Anchorage, Borodino, Musashi, Gelderland, Venezia, G. J. Maerker, Huanghe, Atlanta, G. Kurfürst, and Flint.
  • The daily container selection window now remembers the type of container a player selected last.
  • Fixed an issue that caused camouflage patterns on certain aircraft to be displayed incorrectly.
  • It is now impossible to purchase permanent camouflages and recruit Commanders for test ships. We have also removed the option to dismiss test Commanders.
  • Increased the chances for the Two Brothers and Hotspot maps to be rolled out.
  • Added diversity to the lineup of allied AI-operated opponents (bots) in the First Battle.
  • The "chain" icon designating that a camouflage is linked to a ship will no longer be displayed if the camouflage can be applied to one ship only.
  • Reworked the way in which the visual effects are displayed for the Master of the Water World and Angler camouflages for Shimakaze, as well as the Boitatá camouflage for Juruá.
  • Updated the loading screen background for the Two Brothers and Hotspot maps.
  • Fixed the incorrect display of camouflage on Béarn's deck elevator.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a new container receipt animation to play back incorrectly after reaching the limit of 100 containers on the barge ship.
  • Fixed an issue that launched the game in English in the Epic Games Store when Chinese had been selected in the game settings.
  • Fixed an issue that caused rental ship receipt notifications to be displayed in different ways.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the Radio Location skill indicator to be displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the automatic switching of the camera between guns to work incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused switching from the Free Look Camera view to work incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the ship-type icons of destroyed hostile ships to be displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused replays that had been recorded when playing carriers to play back incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue that could, in certain cases, result in a ship's name overlapping the Autopilot icon.
  • Fixed an issue that caused self-homing submarine torpedoes to home in on a target incorrectly when fired from a short distance to the target.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the game client to crash after moving a bot ship from the opposing team lineup onto the Undistributed Players list in the Training Room.
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to select a Commander as a reward of choice after completing a combat mission.
  • Fixed an issue that caused island contours for the Two Brothers and Hotspot maps to be displayed incorrectly on the Minimap.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the visual effects of jet boosters on Soviet aircraft carriers to be displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused fire effects on board Komsomolets to be reproduced incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Napoli's secondary battery shell effects to be reproduced incorrectly.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause the game client to crash following a login attempt after a finished battle.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the description of improved Commander skills from being displayed in the Armory.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Airstrike aircraft of Dutch cruisers to have an incorrect approach time to the bomb release point.
  • Fixed an issue that caused ships to get stuck near islands on the Narai, Shards, North, and Northern Waters maps.
  • Fixed an issue that caused shade to fall incorrectly on containers delivered to the barge ship in certain Ports.
  • Fixed an issue that made certain events inaccessible to a Division Commander even if the Commander had the appropriate access level.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the display of a system message about the auto-opening of containers with an option to view the received rewards.
  • Fixed an issue that placed air groups on the decks of Béarn, Chkalov, and Max Immelmann in the wrong order.
  • Fixed an issue that caused certain achievements not to be displayed on the respective tab.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the HP regeneration bar in the ship's dynamic icon to be displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue that hampered certain animations from being played back after applying the Transformers themed camouflages.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the aiming reticle of the HE Bomb Airstrike and Depth Charge Airstrike armament to sometimes be displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the "Ready!" button not to be blocked for players in a Clan Division who had selected a restricted ship.

[transmission ends]