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Improved Earnings

New Premium Ships

These ships are not yet available to the general public and have been added for preliminary testing purposes, but you may see them in battle during their sea trials!

  • Tier II US destroyer Smith.
  • Tier III Japanese cruiser Katori.
  • Tier VI Pan Asian destroyer Anshan.
  • Tier VIII Pan Asian destroyer Loyang.

Additional Notes

  • Increased the number of daily allowed compliments and complaints from 5 to 7.
  • Fixed issue with extended stern fires for cruiser Mikhail Kutuzov.
  • Fixed issue with "chance of fire on target" to incorrectly display while in Port with "Victor Lima" and "India X-Ray" Signal Flags equipped.
  • Fixed issue with the national flag for battleship New Mexico to vanish with hull A installed.
  • Fixed incorrect display of performance characteristics in the tooltip of the type 2 torpedo module for destroyer Mutsuki.
  • Fixed issue with voiceover for "Arpeggio" ships that mixed up notifications for allied and enemy teams.