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Space Battles

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Available during Update 0.7.3, Space Battles offer captains a unique way to experience World of Warships: in the vast depths of space! The mode offers nine uniquely-skinned Tier X ships to choose from, each with an even more unique captain. Economic rewards, however, are equivalent to Tier VII matches, and the only achievements that can be earned are achievements unique to the mode.

Game Format

Space Battles are similar to Random Battles, with a few small variants.

  • Teams of nine players each helming special ships only.
  • If there are not enough players, bots will be added after 5 minutes of waiting in the battle queue on the condition that there are more than 10 players in the queue.
  • Special cosmic weather conditions that impact the battle.

Available Ships

Only nine (9) ships are available in this mode; all are re-skinned variants of the following Tier X ships:

Spaceships and their commanders are credited to players' accounts after completing a simple mission. Players that win a battle in a Tier VI-X cruiser will be awarded four ships: Galaxy (Des Moines), Aurora (Moskva), Norma (Minotaur), and Zaya (Zao). For victory in a Tier VI-X destroyer, captains receive Blue Aster (Z-52) and FlyFire (Gearing). The mighty Alldestroyer (Großer Kurfürst), beautiful Paris (République), and elegant Hellcarrier (Hakuryu) will become available to players who win in a Tier VI-X battleship or aircraft carrier, respectively.

Space Battles occur on a specially-designed variant of "Hotspot".


Space Battles take place on a special map in outer space with asteroids as the only cover and a vacuum instead of water. The prototype for this map is the familiar "Hotspot" map with two variants of key areas. Captains will know one of them from Random Battles, and the other variant was used in Clan Battles.

Cosmic Weather

To make space combat even more spectacular, special weather events have a chance to occur, based on new mechanics players may have already encountered in Operation Hermes. The only difference is that the thunderstorm front has been replaced with two new weather phenomena, each producing a different effect in battle. Players can see the zone of each weather event on the minimap; it will be displayed as a grey circle. Also, a special indicator will notify captains when they are approaching or within the Psy Field or Meteor Shower. Meteor Shower and Psy Field can't occur in one battle simultaneously.

Meteor Shower

A Meteor Shower moves leftwards from the right side of the map, producing the following effects on the characteristics of ships that enter it:

  • The current detectability range of ships is reduced by 10% with the maximum detectability range of ships affected by a Meteor Shower not exceeding 15 km (by sea) and 9 km (by air).
  • The spotting range will also be limited to 15 km.
  • AA guns’ firing range will be notably decreased, too. Mid- and short-range AA guns will be disabled while the long-range ones will get half of their standard firing range.
  • The parameters of aircraft squadrons affected by a Meteor Shower change as follows:
    • The vision range of squadrons is limited to 6 km.
    • Flight speed is reduced by 25%.
    • Every 15 seconds, one aircraft is destroyed.

Psy Field

A Psy Field moves leftwards from the right side of the map, changing the characteristics of ships affected by it as follows:

  • The detectability range of ships is reduced by 10% with the maximum detectability range of affected ships being no more than 12 km (by sea) and 6 km (by air).
  • Maximum spotting range in a Psy Field depends on the type of ship:
    • Aircraft carriers: 15 km
    • Battleships: 15 km
    • Cruisers: 14.5 km
    • Destroyers: 9.5 km
  • Fires will last for only 1 second. The duration of flooding doesn't change.
  • Repair Party (While active, restores a percentage of the ship's health points each second.) consumables are disabled.
  • The Psy Field has no effect on aircraft.


Economic rewards from Space Battles are equivalent to those found in Tier VII Random Battles.


There are five special achievements that can only be earned in Space Battles. Regular achievements cannot be earned in Space Battles.

Other Rewards

Take part in Space Battles, explore the vast uncharted corners of the universe and earn valuable prizes! Complete special combat missions to get "space" containers, which may contain special signal flags that provide large economic bonuses, or unique patch symbols that are only available via Space Battle mode.

Five unique patches are available via playing Space Battles.