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  • Premium US Tier V cruiser Marblehead: nominal price changed from 500 to 3100 doubloons. This ship is currently not available for purchase, this change will only affect the amount of credits that players will receive when selling her.
  • Premium US Tier VII cruiser Indianapolis has been added to the client for testing purposes and she is not yet available to the general public. Indianapolis is not available for purchase or research, but players may see her being tested on the live server.
  • Torpedo defense option "Chance of flooding reduction" is removed from ship characteristics in Port, as its display mechanics (display only, not the calculations) had issues.
  • Pre-battle countdown timer has been changed from 60 to 45 seconds.

Fixed Issues

  • Corrected descriptions for the actions that are assigned by default to the [X] and [RMB] in the control settings.
  • Fixed an issue, that made it impossible to close incomplete team battle window.
  • Fixed an issue, that caused torpedo detection distance (displayed in the tooltip for Hydroacoustic Search consumable) being displayed without taking Vigilance skill into account.
  • Fixed an issue with in-game surveys not working for localizations other than RU and EN.
  • Fixed an issue, that caused Damage Control System Mod. 1 to affect the performance characteristics of "Torpedo defense: Damage Reduction".
  • Flight Control "Mk8 mod. 1" module research price has been reduced to 0 for the premium US Tier VII aircraft carrier Saipan.
  • Fixed an issue, that caused permanent camouflage for the premium British battleship Warspite to be displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue with the EN localization installing by mistake with update release.
  • Fixed an issue that lead to bots shooting more accurately in version 0.5.5.
  • Fixed an issue, that caused messages for disbandment and formation of the divisions in Port, to be displayed in battle chat.
  • Fixed one of the reasons of an issue, that caused "black screen" to appear for a few seconds before the battle.
  • Fixed an issue where there was no available server at the login screen.