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New Year Gifts and Rewards: Your One-Stop Guide
Developer Diaries - Dockyard

The New Year celebrations begin in World of Warships!

This year, we've prepared heaps of gifts and festive activities for you. You can construct a ship, gather elements of a new collection, score Snowflakes, duel in a Ranked Sprint, enjoy visual improvements, and experience many other features.

New Year

New Year Gifts

Enter the Armory in Update 0.8.11 to obtain two Santa's Gift containers for free.
Two more Santa's Gift containers await you on the container ship in your Port.

A new section has been added to the Armory — Santa's Gifts. Here, you'll be able to exchange doubloons for various bundles with three types of Santa's Gift containers. These have chances of dropping one of 86 Premium ships, as well as other rewards.


As has become a good old tradition, ships of Tier V and above will feature Snowflakes with holiday bonuses. Depending on the ship's tier, you'll receive Coal, Steel, or Santa's Gift containers for blowing them off.

Please note: each Snowflake can be blown off a ship only once during Update 0.8.11.

New Year Directives

The new game event offers 82 missions spread across seven Directives. For completing Directives and their missions, you'll get rewards.

The following particularly stand out:

  • VII Gorizia
  • A New Year-themed permanent camouflage that can be applied to the majority of Tier VIII ships
  • A Santa’s Big Gift container
  • Four Santa's Gift containers that have chances of dropping Premium ships
  • 1,950 Shipbuilding Tokens — needed to buy construction boosters for the Dockyard
  • 24 Shipbuilding containers that drop items from the new collection
  • Nine Port slots
  • 18,180 CoalCoal
  • 2,250 SteelSteel

To obtain VII Gorizia, you can play at your own pace to complete five out of 13 missions of the third Directive. The remaining four Directives are aimed at the most determined players—those Captains who have their hearts set on speeding up the construction of the much-desired cruiser X Puerto Rico. The Directives will be available for completion until January 13.

Constructing Puerto Rico

A Dockyard will appear in everyone's Ports. This is where U.S. Tier X cruiser Puerto Rico will be laid down. The process of constructing the ship is split into six stages, divided into a total of 36 phases. To complete the ship, you must go through all the stages of construction — from laying the keel, to installing the ship’s armament and deck equipment. Completing each stage will bring you valuable rewards, such as Santa's Gift containers, permanent festive camouflages for Tier VIII ships, SteelSteel, CoalCoal, and days of Warships Premium AccountPremium time.

Complete all the stages to get cruiser X Puerto Rico along with an exclusive permanent camouflage.

The construction process will continue automatically from December 16 to January 13. In order to build the ship in time, you will need to use boosters. Some of them are available in exchange for doubloons, others for a special temporary resource called Shipbuilding Tokens.

Don’t want to spend any doubloons on boosters to finish building Puerto Rico on time? It’s entirely possible to build Puerto Rico using only the boosters available for Shipbuilding Tokens. To achieve this, simply complete the event’s Directives, pass through Daily Missions, and don't miss any Daily Shipments to get more Shipbuilding Tokens as soon as possible and activate boosters in the Dockyard.

Shipbuilding Collection

The new collection consists of 20 elements related to various stages of the shipbuilding process, taking a WWII-era U.S. large cruiser as the example. The collection offers you insights into how a warship is built from a variety of viewpoints. It starts from the keel-laying stage, then moves to the perspectives of those involved in the construction process, the machinery used at dockyards, and the ship’s armament and equipment. Elements of the collection can be obtained from Shipbuilding containers only.


Captain's Logbook

Have you been waging war on our virtual seas for some years already? Then it's highly likely that you've assembled a very impressive collection of rare in-game items. The Captain's Logbook will allow you to track your progress in collecting ships, patches, Commanders, camouflages, and flags. Click your nickname in the upper part of the Port interface and select “Captain's Logbook” from the drop-down menu to view all the in-game items you've accumulated.


Clan Brawls

In Update 0.8.11, three Clan Brawls with an unusual format await you. Your victories will be rewarded with credits, Coal, Elite Commander XP, Steel, and Santa's Gift containers.


  • The fifth Brawl will be fought on December 21, in a 9 vs. 9 format with Tier V ships
  • The sixth Brawl will be fought on December 28, in a 4 vs. 4 format with Tier VIII ships
  • The seventh Brawl will be fought on January 4, in a 12 vs. 12 format with Tier X ships

Each Clan will be able to select its preferred prime time:

  • CIS 15:00 – 20:00 UTC
  • EU 17:00 – 22:00 UTC
  • NA 00:00 – 05:00 UTC
  • ASIA 11:00 – 16:00 UTC


Ranked Sprint

Starts: Fri. Dec. 27 6:00 AM PT / your local time: Fri. Dec. 27 8:00 AM
Ends: Fri. Jan. 03 5:30 AM PT / your local time: Fri. Jan. 03 7:30 AM

In Update 0.8.11, the 10th Season of Ranked Sprints will be held in a 1 vs. 1 format with Tier VIII ships in Domination mode. Battles will be fought within a reduced combat area on maps you already know well. The limited space will make battles more dynamic, despite the minimal number of participants. The usual ship class matchmaking restrictions are disabled for this Sprint. For example, when playing a battleship, you might find yourself opposing a cruiser.

You can read more about the rules and rewards of the Ranked Sprint in a dedicated article on our website. Stay tuned for more news!

Game Balance Changes

Japanese Tier IV Aircraft Carrier Hōshō

  • The aiming parameters of torpedo bombers have been changed

Previously, the reticle of IV Hōshō's torpedo bombers wasn't affected by maneuvering, which made aiming significantly easier. Now, the possible torpedo drop angle increases as you maneuver. This change will reduce the aircraft carrier's efficiency and restore the parameter progression of Japanese torpedo bombers.

U.S. Tier X Aircraft Carrier Midway

  • The torpedo stats have been changed:
    • Maximum damage has been increased from 4,233 to 5,067
    • The chances of causing flooding have been increased from 33% to 42%

After the recent changes, X Midway became inferior to other ships. The increased torpedo damage will improve the torpedo bombers' results, while Midway herself will become more effective.

U.S. Tier X Cruiser Salem

  • The action time of Surveillance Radar has been increased from 25 to 40 seconds

This change will increase X Salem's efficiency in battle and make her better able to counter destroyers and control key positions on the map.

German Battleships

  • The settings for the shell dispersion ellipse of their main battery guns are now the same as those of U.S. and British battleships

This change will increase the accuracy of German battleships' fire.

Changes to upgrades

Hydroacoustic Search Modification 1 Increases the action time of the Hydroacoustic Search and Short-Range Hydroacoustic Search consumables.: +20% action time. can now be installed on any Tier VI ship and higher, as long as it is equipped with the Hydroacoustic SearchWhile active, detects all enemy ships and torpedoes within the specified radius, without regard of obstacles such as smoke and terrain. consumable. This upgrade can now be mounted on German battleships.

Visual and Other Enhancements

We are continuing to improve visuals in our game.

  • The Trident and Neighbors maps, as well as the Hamburg and Marseilles Ports, have been updated with the new lighting model and enhanced HDR technology.
  • We’ve added shadow stabilization when moving and rotating the camera. This reduces jittering and flickering.

The game launching process has also been improved: we’ve updated the loading screen and increased the loading speed of the game client.


The "Commanders" Section

A new unique German Commander, Günther Lütjens, is now available for 175,000 Coal. He has four talents:

Secondary Armament Expert: upon earning 100 "Secondary Battery Hits" ribbons, the secondary battery reload time speeds up by 15%. The talent can be activated once per battle.
Iron Strike: upon earning 140 "Main Battery Hits" ribbons, the main battery reload time speeds up by 7.5%. The talent can be activated once per battle.
Exemplary Reconnaissance: upon earning three "Spotted" ribbons, your ship's HP partially restores. The talent restores 300 HP per second and its action time in seconds is equal to ship's tier (i.e. 5 seconds for a Tier V ship, 7 seconds for a Tier VII ship, etc.). This talent can be activated multiple times.
Air Superiority: upon earning 30 "Rocket Hits", "Bomb Hits", or "Torpedo Hits" ribbons, aircraft restoration speeds up by 10%. This talent can be activated only once per battle.

These talents don't work in Clan Battles and training rooms.

The new Commander also has the following improved skills:

Preventive Maintenance: –45% to the risk of modules being incapacitated (by default: –30%).
Expert Marksman: +1 deg/s to the traverse speed of guns with a caliber above 139 mm; +3 deg/s to the traverse speed of guns with a caliber up to and including 139 mm (by default: 0.7 deg/s / +2.5 deg/s).
Improved Engine Boost: +12.5% to the engine boost action time for the aircraft carrier's squadrons (by default: +10%).

Like other unique historical commanders, Günther Lütjens has some special customizations: a broad pennant, colored shell tracers, and a signal flare that gets fired over the ship when one of his talents is activated.

Günther Lütjens comes with 10 skill points and a specialization for I Hermelin.


The replenishment date of the "Ships for Doubloons" coupon has been changed from March 14, 2020, to December 26, 2019. If you use your coupon prior to and including December 26, you'll be able to moor a new ship in your Port with a discount before the New Year.

As a New Year gift, we’ve added three single-use coupons for the "Ships for Doubloons" category, which grant 10%, 15%, and 20% discounts. The coupons will become available on December 26, and remain active until January 8.

The "Camouflages" Section

We’ve added New Year permanent camouflages for Tier VIII ships that are available in exchange for doubloons. Specifics of the New Year permanent camouflages:

  • Can be mounted on the majority of Tier VIII ships.
  • Ships with this camouflage have a special festive horn sound.
  • An unlimited number of these camouflages can be stored in the Inventory.
  • Once mounted on a ship, such a camouflage acquires the properties of a typical permanent camouflage and gets assigned to the ship.

The New Year camouflages can be obtained as rewards for completing Directives, combat missions for Gorizia, and shipbuilding stages at the Dockyard.

New Year camouflages can't be mounted on aircraft carriers or VIII ARP Takao, VIII HSF Harekaze, VIII AL Yukikaze, and VIII AL Montpelier.

The "Containers" Section

"Belle Époque" containers with collection elements of the same name are now available in exchange for CoalCoal.

Shipbuilding collection containers are available in exchange for doubloonsDoubloons. The containers will be available in the Armory until the release of Update 0.9.0.

The "Ships for Doubloons" Section

VIII Kaga, VIII Saipan, and VIII Graf Zeppelin have been added.

New Content

In Update 0.8.11, we’ve extended the number of permanent camouflages available in the game client in exchange for doubloons. The following permanent camouflages have been added to the "Camouflages" tab of the "Exterior" section:

——  List of Camouflages  ——  (click here)

The Ajax 1940 permanent camouflage for VI Leander has been added. You can obtain it as a reward for completing a special combat mission. Follow the news about combat missions if you want to get your hands on it.

Ships VIII Borodino, VIII Cheshire, IX Bajie, and VIII Wukong have been added for testing by developers, volunteers, and community contributors.

Other Improvements and Fixes

  • Removed the battle type loading animation on the following screens: battle matchmaking, battle loading, and battle statistics.
  • Reduced the Clan Base loading time.
  • Increased the speed of exiting the game client when full-screen mode is active.
  • Trento: fixed the models of destroyed parts of the ship.
  • Changed the color of shell tracers to red for Commanders Nikolai Kuznetsov and Luigi Sansonetti.
  • Fixed the hull volume of cruiser IV Svietlana, which is considered when calculating the chances of engine damage.
  • Fixed the models of the secondary battery guns on X Großer Kurfürst with the Alldestroyer camouflage mounted.
  • Changed the description of cruiser IX Brindisi in the Port.
  • The Monster Bay Port is no longer available for selection in the game client.
  • Added the “Ultra” sound setting for the game client in the Microsoft Store.
  • Fixed camera jumps when switching to the spectator camera.
  • Fixed a rare error that caused the shell trajectory to be incorrectly calculated after hitting armor. This could lead to an armor-piercing shell dealing double damage to a destroyer after an overpenetration.
  • Fixed an error that caused ships to collide with small islands when moving on autopilot.
  • Fixed an error that sometimes caused an enemy ship to remain locked on to, despite it no longer being visible.
  • Fixed an error that sometimes caused a player to receive the "Spotted" ribbon after their ship was destroyed.
  • Fixed an error that caused a situation when a player whose aircraft carrier was destroyed stopped seeing allied ships while piloting their remaining squadron.
  • Fixed an error that caused the icon for the "Operation" battle type to not be displayed on the "Battle!" button's tooltip.
  • Fixed an error that caused a rare situation where enemy bots ignored the visibility reduction created by a cyclone.
  • Fixed an error that caused a player to sometimes receive sound notifications about torpedo hits launched by another ship when using the Azur Lane voiceover. Now, the notification is played only on a player’s own torpedo hits.
  • Fixed an error which prevented the sounds of main battery guns from playing on ships with the permanent "Master of the Water World" camouflage mounted.
  • Fixed the lighting for the Big Race and New Dawn maps, as well as for the Ocean Port.
  • Updated the appearance of emblems for Public Test seasons.

New Year’s special

Some articles will contain a special hidden button for attentive readers! All you have to do to claim your presents is read each article and click a special button you find within. Each button will remain active for 3 days and, when clicked, will endow you with three signals: Zulu, Papa Papa, and Equal Speed Charlie London.

Equal Speed Charlie London🚫 will bring you 50% more XP for each battle, Zulu🚫 will raise your credit earnings by 20%, and Papa Papa🚫 will triple your Free XP gains.

A Participate button appears here.

[transmission ends]