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  • 2 center firing 12.7 mm machine guns provide adequate firepower at tier 3
  • While it doesn't do anything particularly well, it doesn't do anything bad either


  • When placed in a tier 4 match it feels outdated and undergunned
  • Guns have a shorter heat cycle than tech tree counterparts
  • Again, it doesn't do anything particularly well


On paper this little beauty looks very average. It lacks both the speed and the firepower to be an effective boom and zoom machine, and the high-end biplanes in its tier can out maneuver it regularly. Yet it can be an incredibly fun little plane to fly.

The center mounted guns improve accuracy by concentrating fire in a small area, making the most out of what would otherwise be average damage per second. While the maneuverability is listed at the upper end it will still get out turned by same-tier biplanes, especially at low speed. The lack of flaps means that getting to the slow end of its speed range results in a sharp loss of maneuvering, and the low hitpoints mean that getting caught will quickly lead to getting burned.

Despite all of this it can be incredibly effective, especially when using an experienced crew. The best tactic seem to be (as always!) getting as much altitude as possible prior to the start of the encounter to maximize your speed. Then use a combination of boom and zoom and turn and burn by aggressively maneuvering in the vertical plane. Make diving/climbing turns while circling but always keep an eye on your speed, never let it drop below the optimum range.

The low hitpoints also lead to some problems. When facing a heavy fighter or rugged attack aircraft be wary of their tail gunners as they can eat you up in a few seconds. Use a similar climbing/diving turn attack as when battling fighters to minimize your time in the gunners sights but never (EVER!) let yourself get in front of a heavy fighter or attack aircraft. The low hitpoints make map awareness especially important, since enemy AA can bring you down rather quickly even if you don't get hit by your opponent. This makes attacking ground targets very difficult unless your team has cleared a path through the AA first.

Watch your speed and rack up those credits in this fun little premium! Hopefully they will add a full tech tree to the Chinese line soon so this will be an effective crew trainer as well.

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