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How It Works

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This article collects the How It Works videos published by World of Warships.

Some of the information contained in these videos has become outdated. Where a replacement video is available, it is shown instead of the original. Otherwise, subsequent changes are noted below the link.

How It Works videos

Game Basics

Basics for new players. An introduction to the game. Video and text.

Game Basics for Beginners 13 Aug 2023

The Matchmaker

The Matchmaker 18 Dec 2020


HE Shells

Bombs shot from guns!

HE Shells 29-June-2018

5:45 The skill tree was updated in version 0.8.0 and "Inertia Fuse for HE Shells" was changed in 0.9.2
The skill tree was also updated in 0.10.1 but IFHE itself remained unchanged.

SAP Shells

SAP shells explode immediately on penetration, so won't penetrate multi-layer armor.

SAP Shells 17 Feb 2020

Shell Dispersion

Hit that barn !

Firing and Dispersion 18 Aug 2021


What goes up must come down. The question is, on what?

Ballistics 27-Oct-2018

1:41 Information from the Wiki presented in the video may be outdated due to changes made to the game since the video's release.


Torpedoes 10 Nov 2018

3:16 In Update 0.7.11, the mechanics of torpedoes dealing damage to a destroyed part of a ship were changed. Now, a torpedo hitting a ship in any such part will cause guaranteed 1/10 of the maximum damage.
4:26 Please note that the game interface has been updated since the release of this video

Anti-aircraft Defenses

AA Guns and Fighters 8 Feb 2019

1:22 and 6:47 Upgrades were updated in version 0.9.1. The relevant list of upgrades, their descriptions and correct icons can be seen in the game client and in the Wiki.
2:07 In Update 0.8.7, The mechanics and visualization of the priority AA sector system were updated.
2:25 In Update 0.8.7, the "Manual Fire Control for AA Armament" skill was replaced by the "Massive AA Fire" skill.
5:20 In Update, the description of the "Survivability Expert" skill was changed. The HP bonus to planes for each ship Tier of was changed from +15 to +25.

In Update 0.10.0 Commanders' skills were radically changed.

See the Wiki articles Anti-Aircraft Fire and Aircraft.

Armor vs. AP shells

How AP shells interact with armor: armor layers, overmatch, incidence angle, ricochet, normalization, penetration, fuse timing and activation; water impacts.

See 2:45 Tricks and Tips for the in-port Armor Viewer.

Armor 7 June 2019

1:24 Fuso's plating thickness was increased in Update 0.9.2.
9:27 Since Update 0.7.11, high caliber shells deal no more than 10% of their damage to destroyers


Hit Points

Parts of a ship, the Armor Viewer, how hit points are distributed, how damage is allocated.

Hit Points 10 Feb 2021


Over-penetration damage; modules and how they are damaged, incapacitated, or destroyed; detonation.

Modules 2 March 2021


Fire 19 Mar 2020

See the Wiki article Fire.


Flooding 16 May 2019

1:30 The flooding damage value of 0.5% is also applied to Puerto Rico and Yoshino.
3:28 Information from the Wiki presented on the video may be out of date due to changes made since the video's release.
3:57 Upgrades were updated in version 0.9.1. The relevant list of upgrades, their descriptions, and correct icons can be seen in the game client.
5:07 Please note that the game interface has been updated since the release of the video.


Upgrades 30 June 2020

2:07 The BFT skill no longer exists. However, there are similar skills.

See the Wiki article Upgrades.


Gunship-borne consumables only.

0:30 Damage Control Party
2:46 Repair Party
4:26 Smoke Generators
8:00 Hydro-acoustic Search
9:09 Radar
10:17 Spotting Aircraft
11:41 Catapult Fighters
12:34 Defensive AA Fire
13:24 Spood beast
14:22 Main Battery Reload Booster
15:04 Torpedo Reload Booster

Consumables 17 Aug 2020

See the Wiki article Consumables for more recent information.

Repair Party

Men with Bondo!

Repair Party 1 Aug 2019

1:45 and 5:38 The skill tree was updated in Update 0.8.0.
5:14 The India Delta description was updated in Update 0.8.0.

The skill tree underwent a major update in 2021.

The Spotting System

Spotting System 23 Mar 2020

See the Wiki article Detection.

Ship Economy

There have been a number of changes to the economy since these videos were made. For more current data, see The Economics of Battle.

Part 1: XP and Credits

Basic XP Ship XP and Credits Credits earnings from in-game actions.

For more data, see particularly Base Earnings.

Economy: XP and Credits 7 June 2021

Part 2: Expenses

Service cost, ammunition cost, camo and signals cost. Going broke. Decreasing service cost.

Expenses 7 July 2021

Part 3: Credit and XP Modifiers

Bonuses from winning, signals, camouflage, clan base, premium time. How CXP and FXP are calculated.

Credit and XP Modifiers 2 August 2021

Tips and Tricks

A couple things in here I didn't know!

Tips and Tricks 20 April 2020

3:37 Update 0.10.0 changed the Commander interface and removed the commander carousel.

Tips for Advanced Players

Tips for Advanced Players 6 July 2022

Game Development

How User Experience is Researched

Hot Fix: Why We Need UX Research 11 May 2022

How to Play videos

French Battleships

Hon Hon Hon 15 Feb 2018

The New Carriers

Released shortly after the aircraft carrier rework of Update 0.8.0.

New Carriers Gameplay 1 Feb 2019

Player Ahskance (NA) has a series of 'How to CV' videos. See below for the YouTube link.

German Carriers

German Carriers 5 Aug 2020

German Battleships

German Battleships 8 Dec 2021

Soviet Cruisers

Update 0.9.6 introduced new Soviet heavy cruisers Tallinn, Riga, and Petropavlovsk.

Soviet Cruisers 8 July 2020

New USN Battleships

Review of Key Features: Kansas, Minnesota, and Vermont 2 Dec 2020

Italian Cruisers

Italian Cruisers 6 Nov 2019

Italian Battleships

Italian Battleships 15 April 2021


Battleships 29 June 2022

Main article

Torpedo Destroyers

Torpedo Destroyers 27 July 2022

Main article

Artillery Destroyers

Artillery Destroyers 29 Aug 2022

Main article


Maps 3 Sep 2022

Main article


Submarines, Playing Against Submarines 18 Oct 2022

Main article

Naval Academy

These videos are somewhat out of date, yet contain good basic information.

Main article: Naval Academy