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  • Emden premium ship has been removed from the German tech tree.
  • NY camouflage that could be bought with doubloons and permanent NY camouflages for Cleveland, Nürnberg, Minekaze and Gnevny are removed from the client; Anyone who's purchased it before will keep it.
  • Signal flag "Hawaii" in ranked battles season is added to the client.
  • Added a system message for equipping and purchasing permanent camouflages.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed to get rewards for 4th place in "Top 3 in damage and experience" event.
  • Fixed an issue that caused random camera displacement while entering the binocular view.
  • Fixed an issue with a lack of spawn points of the aircraft carriers for the "Ocean" map.
  • Fixed an issue that caused several ships to spawn in one point at H5 square of the "Northern Lights" map.
  • Fixed an issue that caused graphical artifacts in port for some users of mobile Nvidia graphic cards.
  • Fixed an issue that caused delay of the appearence of the regeneration indicator after the use of consumables; Now for ships with Repair Party consumable, a grey indicator showing the amount of hitpoints available for regeneration during the consumable's activation will be displayed on the ship silhouette in the bottom left corner.
  • Fixed incorrect display of the performance characteristics in the Main Battery guns tooltip.
  • Fixed an issue that caused top Main Battery 120mm guns to not work as an AA defense, for the Mutsuki destroyer.
  • Arpeggio sounds added to the client; Now almost all the sounds in battle are on Japanese (while using the Arpeggio ships).
  • Fixed the wrong order of consumables for Russian cruiser Mikhail Kutuzov.
  • Fixed an issue with the damage from flooding not taken into account for the corresponding quest.
  • Fixed an issue that caused torpedo bombers to act incorrectly from changing targets in manual mode.