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  • Type 5 Camouflage: gives 3% bonus to concealment and -4% accuracy to enemies firing at you.
  • Type 6 Camouflage: gives 3% bonus to concealment and -4% accuracy to enemies firing at you. In addition, grants 100% XP for the battle.
  • "Special" Camouflages (Halloween, Ranked Battle, New Year, etc.): now grant bonuses to concealment and negative modifiers to enemy accuracy when firing at you.
  • "Permanent" Camouflages (Included on most Premium ships): now grant a discount for repair costs (10% for tier IX ships and 5% for other tiers).

Visual Changes

Many ships have received a visual upgrade. None of their attributes have been affected; the changes are purely cosmetic.

  • Benson: SC radar replaced with RC 2 radar with top hull configuration, minor visual change to turrets, and fixed the numbers displayed on the top starboard hull.
  • Kiev and Ognevoi: Removed Vimpel 2D (AA radar) from stabilied sighting station.
  • Mikhail Kutuzov: Added life rafts, Shtag B directors to 2nd and 3rd main battery turrets, modified the radar animations, and other minor visual changes.
  • Ranger: Textures have been slightly modified.
  • Zao: Updated the catapult's animation to remove artifacts where it intersected with the crane.
  • Langley: Minor visual modifications.
  • Hindenburg: Minor visual modifications.
  • Turrets: Kamikaze, Udaloi, Hindenburg, and Roon have all received a minor visual change to their turrets.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the "loading" icon from appearing when managing your team in the "Team Battles" menu.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the incorrect number of received signal flags and camouflages to display in system messages.
  • Fixed an issue preventing tips from displaying for modules.
  • Fixed an issue that occured when opening the "My Teams" menu.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Mount" flag button to be active even if the ship was already locked.
  • Fixed an issue in which UI elements were overlapping "Arpeggio" commanders.
  • Fixed several bugs that led to an emergency shutdown of the game client.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the tooltip to fail to account for bonuses from camouflage.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the first free team rename when the team was originally created without a name.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a ship's wake to remain on the water even if the ship was already sunk.
  • Fixed an issue characterized by a black screen when attempting to login to the game.
  • Fixed an issue that affected the Manual Fire Control for AA Armament skill.