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Mighty Prinz

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The "Mighty Prinz" campaign is not the first premium ship exclusive campaign introduced into World of Warships - players must have Prinz Eitel Friedrich in order to have access to this campaign. Additionally, the campaign requires players to specifically have five other Tier VI ships for the first task of each mission in order to complete each task, namely Hatsuharu, Nürnberg, Icarus, Dallas, and Normandie. However, the final task of each mission, excluding the final mission, will reward the player with the ship specified in the first task of the following mission along with a permanent New Year camouflage; i.e. Task 1 of Mission 2 requires Hatsuharu to complete and the final task of Mission 1 rewards the player with Hatsuharu and a New Year camo for her.

On May 1, 1915, the shipyard of Blohm and Voss in the city of Hamburg saw the laying down of a ship that would be named in honor of Prince Eitel Friedrich of Prussia, the son of Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany. Prinz Eitel Friedrich, a Mackensen-class battlecruiser, was supposed to be one of the most powerful ships of the Imperial Navy (the Kaiserliche Marine). The project that served as the basis for the ship was developed before World War I, the war that put an end to the empire itself, as well as to the entire "Belle Époque". The project would never be completed.

The third task of each mission is generally much more time-consuming than the first and second tasks, which means that players that wish to complete the campaign purely through playing Co-Op Coop_battle_wows.png battles will face a long and arduous journey to achieve the special Sincerely and Firmly permanent camouflage for Prinz Eitel Friedrich.

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