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Research Bureau

Research Bureau

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The Research Bureau provides a way for highly accomplished players to earn ships otherwise unobtainable, and have some fun doing it.
They can reset progress on a tech tree ship line back through Tier II and re-earn the ships all the way up to Tier X, earning valuable points towards those special ships.
The Research Bureau - How It Works

The principle of player progression in World of Warships is moving from lower tier to higher tier ships up to the apex of each tech tree branch — the Tier X ship. However, in doing so, players often leave intermediate-tier ships behind. These ships offer game play experiences that are equally interesting as those of Tier X ships. And often, a now-more experienced player will discover that his lower-tier ships seem to play better than when he was first grinding through them.


A player may qualify for the Research Bureau in several ways.[1] Any player with five unlocked tech tree Tier X ships is fully qualified. Obtaining Research Points in other ways, e.g. through Dockyard events or Battle Performance Bonuses, partially qualifies the player for the Research Bureau.

Partial Qualification

Simply earning Research Points unlocks the ability to spend them — that is, the Research Bureau page in the Armory. See below. A partially qualified player does not receive a bonus, nor can they reset lines.

Full Qualification

Unlocking five (5) tech tree Tier X ships fully qualifies one. (The ships do not have to be in Port.) Immediately on fully qualifying, the player receives Research Points 10,000 Research Points (RP).[2] The Research Bureau page in the Armory is also enabled.

Earning Research Points

Although small amounts of Research Points can be obtained from such things as Battle Performance Bonuses, the primary source is by 'resetting' lines of tech tree ships then re-earning and playing them.

A line is defined as those ships that must be unlocked consecutively to obtain a Tier X ship. In the case of split lines (e.g. the USA light and heavy cruiser lines), each line includes the ships that are common to both (in this case the Tier II–V cruisers)). Excluding Tier I ships, lines consist of:

Neither Premiums, Specials, nor SupershipSuperships interact with the Research Bureau and cannot be reset.

In order to earn Research Points a line is reset as described below. The ships of the line must then be unlocked again. When each of the ships from Tiers V[3] to X of the line is in port, winning a battle[4] or achieving 300 Base XP in a single battle earns Research Points. Each higher tier ship earns progressively more RP. Gunship lines earn a maximum of Research Points 10,200 (base) per reset. Carrier lines earn less: Research Points 8,000 (base). More than one line may be reset at the same time.

Research Points per ship win

Battle Performance Bonuses

The term Battle Performance Bonus refers to rewards that are triggered by battle results in addition to Experience and Credits. Two examples are Snowflake-type event rewards and Research Points.

At each reset, Battle Performance Bonuses — in this case Research Points — are calculated and recorded on the ship. The base Research Points earnable for the ship tier (shown in the illustration above) is multiplied by any applicable bonus, for instance the 2x bonus for the first reset of a season, and the total added to any previous bonus on the ship.

When the ship is played to a win (or the base XP in a battle is achieved) the accumulated Battle Performance Bonus Research Points is awarded and the total available is set back to zero.

Lines can be reset any number of times per season, and the base Research Points value applies to each ship for every reset.

Resetting a line

To enable line resets the player must have qualified for the Research Bureau.[5]

Once line resetting is enabled a button will appear below each researched Tier X ship in the Tech Tree panel in Port. Pressing this button (and confirming), causes the line to reset. For all Tier II through Tier X ships in the line:[6]

  • All ship XP Ship XP is moved to the Tier I ship,
  • Mounted Upgrades are de-mounted to Inventory at no cost,
  • Mounted camouflages, skins, and signals are de-mounted,[7]
  • Commanders are moved to Reserve (slots are added when necessary),
  • The ships in port are sold for Credits at the normal Sell price,
  • Modules, whether mounted or in Inventory, are sold for Credits at the normal Sell price,
  • The relevant Battle Performance Bonus Research Points is added to each researched Tier V–X ship,
  • Tier II–X ships and their modules become locked,
  • A Research Points icon appears in the tech tree and in the Ship Carousel on each ship with a bonus available, indicating that Research Points can be earned from that ship.

Partial line resets

Especially with Early Access ships, it is possible to unlock a Tier X ship without unlocking all the ships in the line. Such a line can be reset. However, ships that were never unlocked cannot earn Research Points after the line is reset.

For example, A Tier VIII ship is obtained during an Early Access event, but no ship below it on the tech tree. The player obtains the Tier IX and X ships in the normal manner, enabling a line reset. After the reset, the Tier V to VII ships may be unlocked and played, yet will earn no RP. Having finally been unlocked, they can earn RP in subsequent resets.


Each Research Bureau season lasts 90 days.[8] In each season, the first line reset becomes eligible for double (2x) Research Points Research Points when the Tiers V–X ships in the line are played to a win. Season end dates may be viewed by scrolling to the bottom of the tech-tree.

Note that the 2x season bonus does not depend on the first line reset being unlocked or played first. The second line reset may be completed and played first, but it will earn only the base Research Points.

Regrinds do not need to be completed within a specific season to obtain the 2x RP bonus.

RP Loot

Research Points Research Points can be exchanged in the Armory for items, most notably the unique ships X BB Slava (Research Points 63,000), X BB Ohio (Research Points 62,000), X CA Gibraltar (Research Points 59,000), X CA Sevastopol
(Research Points 58,000), X CL Colbert (Research Points 57,000), X DD Druid (Research Points 56,000), X DD Vampire II (Research Points 55,000), IX BB Illinois (Research Points 51,000), IX CA Siegfried (Research Points 47,000), IX CA Van Speijk (Research Points 46,500), and IX DD Paolo Emilio (Research Points 43,000), Unique Upgrades, and signal flags. In the future more items will become available for Research Points. See the Armory page for updates and details.
Other ships may be added from time to time.


There are several ways to use the Research Bureau, understanding that there are two goals: acquire Research Points Research Points (RP), and enjoy playing low- and mid-tier ships again.

Play It Your Way

This is the longest and may be the most rewarding way to earn back the ships of a reset line. Start with the Tier I ship of the line and play it (if necessary) to earn enough XP Ship XP to unlock the Tier II ship. Buy it. Repeat through Tier X.

As with the first time you did it, no extra experience or credits are required; the ships earn it themselves. Oh, you might toss in a little FXP to get over a hump or two, but the play's the thing.

Blowing By

Free XP Free XP will unlock any tech tree ship, so with enough Free XP you can unlock the whole line, selectively purchasing and playing ships as desired. This technique certainly saves time, but you might miss discovering that that long-hated ship is actually pretty good in your now-skilled hands.

Level up to Six

The ships of Tiers II through V are inexpensive to unlock Ship XP and inexpensive to purchase Credits. Some players will immediately FXP past them to Tier VI, and some will use them to earn credits for those expensive high-tier ships.

Doing A Split

Some tech tree branches split into two lines:

  • the 120px-SOV_flag.png Soviet destroyer branch and cruiser branch split after Tier VII.
  • the Flag of Japan Japanese destroyer branch splits after Tier IV, cruisers after Tier IV, and battleships after Tier VII.
  • the Ersatz naval ensign of the Kreigsmarine (1935-1945) German destroyer branch splits after Tier VI and the battleships immediately at Tier III.
  • the Flag of the United States of America American cruiser branch splits after Tier V and the battleship branch splits twice after Tier VII.

The splits make resetting and re-grinding those lines a little easier. Resetting multiple sides of a split line can save a fair amount of time or Free XP over re-grinding two full lines separately.

Using the 120px-SOV_flag.png Soviet tree as an example, a player who has unlocked both Delny and Grozovoi can reset both at the same time and need unlock the Tier II–VII ships only once to complete both destroyer lines. (In this case, although they are common to both, unlocking and winning in Podvoisky, Gnevny and Minsk earns RP Research Points for only one line.)

Stacking resets

For a player rich in Free XP Free XP, this is the easiest way to accumulate Research Points Research Points (RP). The Tier V–X ships of a reset line need not be played to qualify for RP at an eventual first win.

A player can reset, then unlock an entire line using Free XP without purchasing or playing a single ship, and the Tier V–X ships will "remember" that they are due those Research Points at the first win. Then the player can reset, then unlock the same line without purchasing or playing a ship, and the Tier V–X ships will "remember" that they are due more Research Points at the first win. When those ships eventually are purchased and played for a win, the accrued Research Points are awarded.


1) In Season 1 a player unlocks his fifth tech tree Tier X ship and immediately receives Research Points 10,000.
2) He resets his Ersatz naval ensign of the Kreigsmarine (1935-1945) KM cruiser line. All Tier II+ KM cruisers in port etc. are sold. Then he spends Free XP 755,410 (ships plus B hulls) to unlock all nine ships through Tier X. His Tier V through X ships thus gain the ability to play for double (2x) Research Points (the bonus for his first reset of the season) at any future time — Research Points 20,400 for all six. Anticipating another reset, he purchases none of them.
3) In the same season, the player resets his KM cruiser line again, and again unlocks all nine ships with Free XP. His Tier V through X ships thus this will collect another (now 3x) RP award when played — an additional Research Points 10,200 for all six.
4) In the next season as his first reset, the player resets his KM cruiser line for the third time, and again spends Free XP to unlock all nine ships. His Tier V through X ships thus accrue access to yet another double (2x) Research Points award — Research Points 20,400. His reset awards have thus 'stacked' to five times (5x) the base award.
5) He then purchases his six Tier V–X ships, and plays six Co-op games, all wins, thus earning a total of Research Points 51,000 to add to the Research Points 10,000 qualifying bonus, giving him Research Points 61,000 — enough to buy Colbert (Research Points 57,000).

He has spent about Free XP 2.7M, Credits 19.3M to 53M,[9] and played 6 games. Elapsed time, about 2 hours total.

For an all-FXP reset/unlock cycle, the Flag of Japan IJN DD Harugumo line costs the fewest Free XP to fully unlock.


The following achievements have been added celebrating milestones in the number of lines reset:

  • Icon_achievement_PARAGON_DROP10.png  Junior Shipbuilder (10 resets),
  • Icon_achievement_PARAGON_DROP50.png  Senior Shipbuilder (50 resets),
  • Icon_achievement_PARAGON_DROP100.png  Shipbuilding Inspector (100 resets), and
  • Icon_achievement_PARAGON_DROP150.png  Chief Shipbuilding Inspector (150 resets).

Only lines reset after Update 0.9.9 went live (30-Sep-2020) are counted for these achievements.


Original News Article
News Article with 0.9.9 updates
Forum Game Guide

  1. The Research Bureau was introduced with Update 0.8.7. At first, five Tier Xs was the only way to qualify.
  2. The Research Points 10K bonus is awarded once for fully qualifying for the Research Bureau, not for resetting a line.
  3. Since Update 0.9.9, Tier V ships earn Research Points 200.
  4. Recognized game modes are Random, Co-op, Scenario, Ranked. Wins in Clan Battles or in the Training Room are not counted.
  5. Five (5) unlocked tech tree Tier X ships are not required. However, only lines with an unlocked Tier X may be reset.
  6. Tier I ships have no unlock or purchase cost so are not sold, nor are upgrades and signals de-mounted or the commander sent to reserve.
  7. Special camos or skins designated to a ship remain designated to that ship.
  8. So far, the seasons appear to end on the closest Friday to the 15th and the next start on the following Saturday.
  9. The Credits cost depends on a number of things. The numbers given assume a 15% Clan buy/sell discount, and reflect the variance of the number of ships and modules that were sold at first reset. I.e. the Credits 53M expenditure is if he had no KM cruiser in port to be sold at first reset — an unlikely occurrence. Credits 19.3M is if he had them all.

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