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Quick Messages and Commands

We have added the ability to use F3 - F11 to send short messages and give commands to allies. Messages are sent to all players or only allies depending on the chosen chat channel – commands are given only within your team. Messages and commands are duplicated in the chat – the speaker is marked for a short time in the world and on the minimap.

The list of available commands:

  • F3 - Indicate targets (targets possible to indicate: base, point, ship)
  • F4 - Thank you
  • F5 - Affirmative!
  • F6 - Negative!
  • F7 - Support required
  • F8 - SOS

The list of available messages:

  • F9 - Great battle
  • F10 - Good luck to all
  • F11 - Damn and blast!

General Balance Changes

  • The thickness value of the hull sheets has been corrected. Now it won't be thicker than the sheets located in the extremities of the ship.
  • The number of hit-points for the 4 and 5-inch guns has been increased by 50%.
  • Redesigned the visual system of turrets turning on all ships. Main calibre guns now automatically raise (if technically possible) if they meet an obstacle.


  • Tirpitz: Added Messerschmitt Bf.109 G catapult fighter plane.


  • Hashidate: removed the intermediate hull upgrade.
  • Myoko: mounted torpedo module “Type 90 mod. 1”: the same as on the Hatsuharu. Players that have researched the module for both ships will have received the compensation by now.


  • Aurora: AA armament 7.62-mm “Maxim” machine gun exchanged for the 76.2-mm Lender guns. Firing distance of Aurora AA guns increased to 2km - damage output has been doubled.
  • Murmansk: “КОР-2” catapult spotter changed to the previous “Vought OS2U”.


  • Erie: removed the intermediate hull upgrade.
  • South Carolina: increased the number of HP of the top hull from 29000 to 31700.
  • Colorado: increased the rate of fire to twice per minute, (i.e. cooldown time 30 sec instead of 35) and increased the turrets’ rotation speed to 4 radians per second (used to be 3).


Once fighter planes have begun carrying out their “Air Squadron Assault”, other fighters will not be able to engage them until the end of the assault.

Game Maps

  • Added Domination mode with two control points to all maps, except for “Hotspot”.
  • Changed script settings of Domination mode with two points. The reward for capturing the enemy’s control point is now 1,000 points. The time to capture the control point is now 180 seconds.
  • Reduced the speed of getting points from capture points on the maps "Two Brothers", "North" and "Islands of Ice". Points have been reduced from 3 points every 5 seconds to 3 points every 6 seconds.
  • Changed the probability of getting into some of the maps.

System changes

  • Added voice messages for quick commands and Emoticons. Voice messages are only played once in a row, to exclude the possibility of sound spamming.
  • For players with ATI Radeon GPUs (5XXX and 6XXX series), AMD released a hotfix (15.201.1151) to resolve WoWS client crashes, which some users may have experienced. More details are available on the driver download page.