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Update 0.6.15

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New Scenario

Play a new Operation for Tier VII ships where you break a well-protected enemy defense line, close in on their base, and support the landing of troops, all while sending enemy ships to the bottom!

Keep an eye out -- the enemy is on alert and has powerful reserves located deep inside the bay, ready to spoil your plans.

There are two ways to complete the Operation: defend the troops until they complete the landing, or destroy all enemy combat units. Tailor your decision to your team's lineup and playstyle.

New Port

Check out the “Hamburg Port,” created using real historical images. This is the new default for everyone with the next update.

New Campaigns & Collection

The first Campaign, "The Battle of the North Cape," has missions that relate to a certain stage of the historical battle it's named after, which occurred on December 26, 1943. It was part of the Arctic Campaign fought between Britain and Germany; the last battle between capital ships in World War II.

The second Campaign is all about the new year! Finish both these new Campaigns to get various items from a new collection inspired by the Battle of the North Cape. The collection includes ship elements, photographs, badges, and coats of arms.

Get Tier VII Premium battleship Duke of York as a reward for completing the first Campaign's final task. Then finish the New Year Raid Campaign to earn five Tier VI ships with unique camo and an Arctic-themed camo for Tier VII battleship Scharnhorst after completing the final task.

Collection items come in special Containers you get for completing the tasks of the Battle of the North Cape and New Year Raid campaigns. Once you have the entire collection, you'll also get a special Arctic-themed camouflage for Duke of York.

Sound Changes

New Year Ship's Horn

New Year celebrations are steaming towards us at flank speed -- what better way to ring in 2018 than with the fanfare of ship horns!

  • Throughout the duration of New Year's festivities, all Commanders is able to warn other players of the risks of a collision, other dangers or a torpedo salvo.
  • The new horns let you sound off to surrounding ships. Once you activate the horn ("N" key by default) you spend a four-second "time resource," which needs a cooldown of 15 seconds afterward. You don’t have to lean on the horn for all four seconds; try several shorter horns instead. However, this can result in full regeneration taking up to 45 seconds. It is possible to use the horn even before its recovery has reached 100%.
  • When a ship sounds its horn, all players at a sufficient distance can hear the sound: The shorter the distance, the louder the signal. You'll only be able to hear the signals produced by enemy ships if you've detected them. The horn is loudest within one or two kilometers, and starts to fade away at three to five kilometers, becoming barely audible five or more kilometers. If a ship is farther away, you'll only hear it when detected in your binocular view.
  • But if the new horns are not to your liking, you can disable sounds completely in the Audio settings. To do that, access the Game Menu, select the "Settings" tab, open the "Audio" section and untick the "Enable Ship Horns" field.
  • If the Ship's Horn sound is disabled in Settings, your ship won't be able to signal with it either.
  • Ships of different types have different sound signals, and you may encounter 23 original and several unique horn sounds. Command various ships to try them all!

Enhancements to the Ultra Audio Quality

  • We reworked the bomb attack scenes with carrier Graf Zeppelin’s Stuka aircraft to make them more realistic. Now, when bombs are dropped, the captains of Graf Zeppelin and all nearby ships hear a distinctive Stuka siren. We also reworked the accompanying sound pattern for each type of squadron, reproduced during approach for landing. If Graf Zeppelin is on the opposing team, you’ll be able to hear the enhanced sound of her squadrons flying by your ship.

Clan Battle Season 1 Ends

Update 0.6.15 concludes our first season of Clan battles -- don’t worry though, the next one is on the horizon! All previously rented ships, i.e. the Soviet cruiser Moskva, US destroyer Gearing, and the Japanese battleship Yamato, are removed from players' accounts.


  • After the removal of rental ships Moskva, Gearing, and Yamato, their Commanders are placed in your Reserve and their Skill points are reset. In Update 0.6.15, you'll be able to respecialize those Commanders anew.
  • A Commander recruited for a rented ship has their specialization changed for their nation's starting ship.

All players who participated in Clan Battles and fulfilled certain conditions will receive commemorative achievements on their accounts:

Achievement Conditions
Hotspot Rank first to sixteenth in Typhoon League in the first season of Clan battles.
Gale Win 7 battles in the Storm League or higher during the first season of Clan Battles.
Typhoon Win 7 battles in the Typhoon League during the first season of Clan Battles.
Squall Win 7 battles in the Squall League or higher during the first season of Clan Battles.
Storm Win 7 battles in the Storm League or higher during the first season of Clan Battles.
  • The same achievements display on a Clan’s Rostral Column if the Clan has complied with the above-mentioned conditions and purchased the Rostral Column.
  • The cost of the Rostral Column changed from 9,999,999 to 100 Oil.
  • We’ll credit the achievements to players' accounts within one week following the release of Update 0.6.15.
During a five-day period, all players are able to reset the skills of their Commanders and change upgrades on the ships they helmed in Clan Battles for free. A 100% discount on resetting Commander Skills and demounting upgrades!

Discount Start: Dec 20 03:20 PT (06:20 ET)
Discount End: Dec 25 03:20 PT (06:20 ET)

Ranked Battles: Season 8

Ready your guns ready for a new season of Ranked Battles starting December 22.

  • Battles take place in a 7v7 format.
  • Every participant of a Ranked Battle earns a star for every victory of their team. A star is lost in case of a defeat, although the top XP earner of the defeated team who will not lose a star.
  • Players get rewards for each rank they achieve.
  • There are 23 ranks separated into leagues: Third League, Second League, First League, Premier League and the League of Sea Wolves.

Keep an eye on the site for more info!

Game Economy

All permanent camo now provides a bonus to the cost of post-battle service for researchable and Premium ships alike.

"Permouflages" now provide:

  • -10% at Tiers II-VIII to the cost of the ship's post-battle service.
  • -20% at Tier IX to the cost of the ship's post-battle service.
  • -50% at Tier X to the cost of the ship's post-battle service.

Certain special permanent camo now gives even bigger bonuses to the cost of the ship's post-battle service as compared with their "standard" counterparts (-30% for Octopus (Alabama ST), -50% for the Camos designed by Makoto Kobayashi (Ashitaka, Kii) and Clash of the Elements (Kamikaze R)). The complete list of changes is available below.


  • Update 0.6.15 brings new tips for the battle loading screen.
    • Added tips related to the operation of carriers, use of various consumables like Surveillance Radar and Defensive AA fire, and the location of the weakest spots for various ship types
    • Now, a hint appears for new players with a Service Record level below eight to inform them of the possibility to fire from binocular view -- if a player has been in the binocular view too long, a tip pops up with a recommendation to exit binocular view and look around.
  • The Carousel has a new filter to enable a search by the second word in a ship's name -- now you can search for a particular ship by any of the two words in its name.
  • After your ship is destroyed and you shift to view teammate's ship, the marker for deepwater torpedoes now displays correctly depending on the type of ship that you switch to.
  • Minor changes in ships geometry and textures: Taiho, Kidd, Akatsuki, Colorado, G-101, Hood, New Orleans, and Huanghe.
  • Fixed minor bugs in the tech specs of various ships with minimum impact on the ships' combat characteristics:
  • New Orleans The range of detectability by air when firing the guns increased from 4.02km to 4.06km; detectability after firing main guns in smoke reduced from 7.05km to 6.62km.
  • Indianapolis: Detectability after firing main guns in smoke reduced from 8.18km to 7.26km.
  • T-22: Detectability after firing main guns in smoke reduced from 2.26km to 2.08km.
  • Ernst Gaede: Detectability after firing main guns in smoke increased from 2.9km to 3.23km.
  • Mogami: The penalty to the detectability range by air when firing guns increased from 3.1km to 4.06km for Hull (A).
  • Iwaki Alpha: Detectability after firing main guns in smoke reduced from 4.71km to 4.29km.
  • Novik: Detectability after firing main guns in smoke reduced from 3.74km to 3.38km.
  • Bogatyr: Detectability after firing main guns in smoke increased from 4.21km to 4.6km, standard artillery icons positioned more accurately, penalty to detectability by air range firing guns increased from 2.6km to 3.04km.
  • Chengan: Detectability after firing main guns in smoke increased from 2.19km to 2.31km.
  • Yueyang: Detectability after firing main guns in smoke increased from 2.62km to 2.77km.
  • Phoenix, Benson, Dmitri Donskoi, and Myogi: Fire chance for Hull (B) slightly decreased to bring it in line with that of Hull (C).
  • Arkansas Beta: Added an option to mount the Damage Control System Modification 2 : -15% flooding recovery time. / -15% fire duration. upgrade.
  • Fixed rare bug making it impossible to accept new players to a Clan if it had vacancies.
  • Fixed incorrect information displayed in a message when respecializing a Commander after selling a relevant ship.
  • Fixed incorrect display of Commander Skill characteristics which haven't yet been mastered.
  • Fixed incorrect computation of free space in Reserve after hiding ARP ships.

Bring Home "Mighty Mo"

Now's your chance to pick up the US Tier IX USS Missouri for in-game Free XP -- she's departing on release of Update 0.7.2 as we roll out a new Tier IX battleship that can be acquired with Free XP. We decided two ships occupying the same niche at the time is one too many. Get grinding, you can still get Missouri for about two more months.

New Content