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Type 59

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Ch01_Type59 (Stock)

10000 Coste
1300 PVDurabilidad
36 / 39.8 Peso
  1. Comandante
  2. Artillero
  3. Conductor
  4. Cargador (Operador de radio)
100/80/45Blindaje del casco(frontal/laterales/trasero, mm)
200/150/65Blindaje de la torreta(frontal/laterales/trasero, mm)
520 c.v.Potencia del motor
56 km/hVelocidad punta / velocidad marcha atrás
46 gra/sVelocidad de giro
280 damage
181 mmPenetración media
9.8 Carga del cañón
42 gra/sVelocidad de giro del cañón
260 mAlcance de visión
500 mAlcance de radio
Type 59
Type 59
Carro medio de China. Inicialmente, el vehículo era una copia del carro medio soviético T-54A. El Type 59 entró en servicio en 1959. Los primeros carros fabricados no poseían estabilizador del cañón ni dispositivo de visión nocturna. Más tarde, se sometió al vehículo a varias modernizaciones. Se fabricaron entre 6000 y 9500 vehículos de todas las variantes desde 1958 hasta 1987.

The Type 59 is one of the most coveted tanks in World of Tanks. This Tier 8 medium is the first Chinese tank added to Blitz as of Update 2.4. The Type 59 is so coveted because it is based upon the Tier 9 T-54. This medium has amazing armor like its Soviet counterpart, and a powerful 100mm gun from the T-54.

This premium is extremely rare and hard to obtain, possibly one of the hardest and rarest of all tanks, especially with the latest sale of the PzKpfw. II J and BTSV.

The Type 59 was last available as part of the aptly named "Hype 59" special event. This event gave only a limited number out for extremely difficult and competitive requirements, but was also made available during a following sale (For a somewhat exorbitant price).



Nivel Torreta Blindaje de la torreta (frontal/laterales/trasero, mm) Velocidad de giro del cañón (gra/s) Alcance de visión (m) Experiencia Peso (t)
VIII Type 59 200/150/65 42 260 0 8500
Nivel Cañón Penetración media (mm) Cadencia de tiro Dispersión a 100 m Tiempo de apuntamiento Experiencia Peso (t)
VIII 100 mm Type 59 181/241/50 280/280/350 6.12 0.39 2.5 0 2257


Nivel Motor Potencia del motor (c.v.) Probabilidad de incendio tras disparo Experiencia Peso (t)
VIII NORINCO 12150L 520 12 0 750

Nivel Suspensión Límite de carga Velocidad de giro (gra/s) Experiencia Peso (t)
VIII Type 59 39.8 46 0 7700


Nivel Radio Alcance de radio (m) Experiencia Peso (t)
IX _9RM_CH 500 0 40

Compatible Equipment

Estabilizador vertical Mk 1
Planchas de blindaje medio
Red de camuflaje
Llenado de tanques con CO2
Ópticas recubiertas
Cierre de la retícula mejorado
Barras de torsión mejoradas clase 3 t
Ventilación mejorada clase 2
Barra de carga para carro media
Telescopio binocular
Caja de herramientas
Municiones "húmedas" clase 1

Compatible Consumables

Player Opinion

Pros and Cons


  • Very good frontal hull armor.
  • Extremely strong turret.
  • 100mm gun is punchy and accurate.
  • High top speed


  • Below average health for Tier VIII.
  • Slower traverse than most mediums.
  • Sluggish acceleration.
  • Pen is below average.


The Type is worth all of the attention it gets. With 100 mm hull armor, and well-sloped, you can net bounces from other tanks, especially tier 7s.The turret is also notable, able to bounce shots from tier 9s. The 100 mm cannon packs above-average damage for tier 8 mediums, a decent (if not good) reload of 10 seconds, and accuracy. The top speed of 56 kph allows the Type to take on an active role in the match. However, there are some problems. The Type 59 lacks hitpoints for its tier, matching light tanks in survivability. The traverse is slow, lagging far below tanks like the Centurion Mk. 1. With 520 horsepower, the Type 59 has sluggish acceleration. Despite that, the Type 59 is still worth the hype, similar to the soviet tier 9 T-54 in playstyle.

History for this tank not found

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