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S01_Frankentank (Stock)

10000 Coste
1350 PVDurabilidad
66.54 / 95.2 Peso
  1. Comandante
  2. Artillero
  3. Conductor
  4. Operador de radio
  5. Cargador
200/80/80Blindaje del casco(frontal/laterales/trasero, mm)
150/120/80Blindaje de la torreta(frontal/laterales/trasero, mm)
550 c.v.Potencia del motor
35 km/hVelocidad punta / velocidad marcha atrás
18 gra/sVelocidad de giro
310 damage
198 mmPenetración media
12.3 Tiempo en completar carga
16 gra/sVelocidad de giro del cañón
230 mAlcance de visión
500 mAlcance de radio

The Tankenstein is a Tier VII German Premium tank that was available for free through a series of experience missions for Halloween 2015. This tank could also have been bought for 10,000 gold. The Tankenstein is an entirely fictional tank utilizing parts from other tanks and was created by the same mad scientist behind the development of the IS-3 Defender.

This tank is no longer available for purchase.



Nivel Torreta Blindaje de la torreta (frontal/laterales/trasero, mm) Velocidad de giro del cañón (gra/s) Alcance de visión (m) Experiencia Peso (t)
VI Stein Type 1 150/120/80 16 230 0 15000
Nivel Cañón Penetración media (mm) Cadencia de tiro Dispersión a 100 m Tiempo de apuntamiento Experiencia Peso (t)
VIII 105 mm Gun T5E1 198/245/53 310/310/400 4.88 0.42 2.5 0 2400
VIII 130 mm B-13-S2 196/171/65 460/530/600 3 0.45 2.9 0 5290


Nivel Motor Potencia del motor (c.v.) Probabilidad de incendio tras disparo Experiencia Peso (t)
VI Stein Type 1 550 20 0 670

Nivel Suspensión Límite de carga Velocidad de giro (gra/s) Experiencia Peso (t)
VI Stein Type 1 95.2 18 0 18000


Nivel Radio Alcance de radio (m) Experiencia Peso (t)
VI FuG7_GER 500 0 70

Compatible Equipment

Planchas de blindaje pesado
Red de camuflaje
Llenado de tanques con CO2
Ópticas recubiertas
Cierre de la retícula mejorado
Barras de torsión mejoradas clase +5 t
Ventilación mejorada clase 3
Barra de carga para carro pesada
Telescopio binocular
Caja de herramientas
Municiones "húmedas" clase 2

Compatible Consumables

Player Opinion

Pros and Cons


  • Very tough frontal armor; same hull as the Tiger P
  • Near impenetrable turret mantlet with the 105mm Gun T5E1
  • Choice of two guns for different playstyles
  • Tank skin is very unique; exhaust is fire!


  • Extremely slow and sluggish; traverse and manuverability are horrible. You will easily be flanked by more nimble tanks
  • Numerous weakspots; hull has weak corners and the second mini-turret on top of the main one is easily penetrable
  • Using the 130mm B-13-S2 also gives you mantlet, leaving your turret front exposed
  • Both gun Aim Time and Dispersion values are poor


This Tier VII German heavy tank was available for free throughout a series of experience missions as part of an event for Halloween 2015. The Tankenstein is a mixture of several tank parts from other nations. The Hull is adapted from the Tiger P, the Turret is modeled after the KV-4-5 turret (armor values are different, however), and the Guns are the American 105mm Gun T5E1 found on the T29 and the Soviet 130mm B-13-S2 found on the SU-100Y.

The Tankenstein is very heavily armored at the front; combined with the god-like mantlet with the 105mm Gun, enemies will be forced to shoot at your weakspots; staying at long range can cause enemies to miss. The side hull armor and side turret armor, however, are weak in comparison. As a result, always keep the tank pointed towards the enemy. The hull's weakspots are the lower glacis plate and the corners. The turret's weakspot is the mini-turret at the very top. However, one can protect the weakpoints by going hull down, wiggling the hull from side to side, and raising the gun to shield the mini-turret, as well as shaking the turret. Mastering the art of hiding weakspots is crucial, and once practiced enough, one can bait enemies into firing.

The downside of the Tankenstein is the mobility. The suspension and engine are weak and give this tank poor acceleration and traverse stats. While the top speed is decent, it will take a long time to reach it. Any ridges or hills will leave the tank lagging behind tremendously. The traverse and turret traverse are extremely poor and enemy tanks will easily circle you. Anticipating enemy movements is helpful, but the average gun depression may have issues dealing with short tanks. Ramming is a viable option; however, your tank takes time to reach top speed and will actually take more damage than one would expect.

In order to play this tank effectively, make sure that one has support from teammates and that whatever direction the player chooses is where the battle will take place; this tank will not move from place to place quickly. Hiding weakspots and keeping the front of the tank to the enemy is key, and avoiding flanking fire and being outmaneuvered is crucial.

This is a Premium tank and will make around 15k to 45k from a decent to good battle.

Early Research

All modules are already researched for this tank.

History for this tank not found

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