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Valentine II

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Valentine_LL (Stock)

1000 Coste
570 PVDurabilidad
15.71 / 16.85 Peso
  1. Comandante
  2. Artillero
  3. Conductor
  4. Cargador (Operador de radio)
60/60/60Blindaje del casco(frontal/laterales/trasero, mm)
65/65/65Blindaje de la torreta(frontal/laterales/trasero, mm)
140 c.v.Potencia del motor
32 km/hVelocidad punta / velocidad marcha atrás
40 gra/sVelocidad de giro
55 damage
51 mmPenetración media
3.5 Tiempo en completar carga
40 gra/sVelocidad de giro del cañón
240 mAlcance de visión
500 mAlcance de radio
Valentine II
Valentine II
Un carro británico suministrado a la URSS como parte de la Ley de Préstamo y Arriendo. Cerca de 3782 vehículos fueron enviados a la URSS con algunos perdidos en el mar durante su transporte a Múrmansk.

The Valentine II is a tier 4 Soviet premium light tank. A British tank supplied to the U.S.S.R. under Lend-Lease. A total of 3,782 vehicles were sent to the Soviet Union, with some lost at sea during transport to Murmansk. This lend-lease version



Nivel Torreta Blindaje de la torreta (frontal/laterales/trasero, mm) Velocidad de giro del cañón (gra/s) Alcance de visión (m) Experiencia Peso (t)
IV Valentine II 65/65/65 40 240 0 2000
Nivel Cañón Penetración media (mm) Cadencia de tiro Dispersión a 100 m Tiempo en apuntar Experiencia Peso (t)
II 45mm 20KL 51/84/12 55/55/75 17.14 0.36 1.1 0 250


Nivel Motor Potencia del motor (c.v.) Posibilidad de incendio tras disparo Experiencia Peso (t)
III AES A190 140 15 0 800

Nivel Suspensión Límite de carga Velocidad de giro (gra/s) Experiencia Peso (t)
IV Valentine 16.85 40 0 4000


Nivel Radio Alcance de radio (m) Experiencia Peso (t)
IX Mk19R 500 0 110

Compatible Equipment

Planchas de blindaje ligero
Red de camuflaje
Ópticas recubiertas
Cierre de la retícula mejorado
Ventilación mejorada clase 1
Telescopio binocular
Caja de herramientas

Compatible Consumables

Player Opinion

Pros and Cons


  • Very good armor for its tier and light tank designation.
  • Good view range
  • Preferential matchmaking prevents it from seeing tier V or above.
  • APCR ammo is (relatively) cheap


  • Slower and less agile than most lights, due to its increased armor.
  • While strong at Tier IV, it is much less so against Tier V tanks.
  • Gun requires premium ammunition to penetrate many tier IV tanks.


This tank can dominate at Tier IV, given that you don't platoon with normal tier IVs or tier Vs which will drag the tank into higher-tier matches. Though its gun is very effective against other light tanks, it can fail to penetrate well angled armor. Even more so, it is ineffective against better armored tanks of its Tier, especially the Matilda. Use the Valentine's relatively affordable premium rounds to deal with these vehicles. When in higher tier games, this tank loses everything that makes it special. Its armor is comically useless against any non-stock gun at Tier 5, and its gun will fail very often against heavy tanks. Therefore, you should avoid platooning with tanks that will allow it to see tier V (such as other regular tier IVs), so you can ensure that you are always top tier.

History for this tank not found

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