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Angry Connor

Angry Connor

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GB44_Archer_Custom (Stock)

3500 Preis
600 SPRobustheit
16.26 / 17.5 Gewicht
  1. Kommandant
  2. Fahrer
  3. Richtschütze
  4. Ladeschütze (Funker)
20/20/20Wannenpanzerung(Front/Seiten/Heck mm)
20/10/10Turmpanzerung(Front/Seiten/Heck mm)
192 PSMotorleistung
12 km/hHöchstgeschwindigkeit vorwärts/rückwärts
45 °/sDrehen/Wenden
160 damage
171 mmMittlere Durchschlagskraft
5 Dauer für vollständiges Nachladen
32 °/sGeschützrichtgeschwindigkeit
240 mSichtweite
500 mFunkreichweite
Angry Connor
Angry Connor



Stufe Geschütz Mittlere Durchschlagskraft (mm) Feuergeschwindigkeit Streuung auf 100 m Zielerfassung Erfahrung Gewicht (t)
VII OQF 17-pdr AT Gun Mk. VII 171/239/20 160/160/200 12 0.36 1.9 0 826


Stufe Motor Motorleistung (PS) Brandwahrscheinlichkeit bei Treffer Erfahrung Gewicht (t)
V GM 6062 6-71M 192 15 0 991

Stufe Fahrwerk Maximalgewicht Drehen/Wenden (°/s) Erfahrung Gewicht (t)
IV Archer early 17.5 45 0 3200


Stufe Funkgerät Funkreichweite (m) Erfahrung Gewicht (t)
VI N19Mk1 500 0 40

Compatible Equipment

Leichter Splitterschutz
Entspiegelte Optik
Verbesserter Waffenrichtantrieb
Verbesserte vertikale Blattfedern Klasse 1
Ansetzer für Panzergeschütze mittleren Kalibers
„Nasses“ Munitionslager Klasse 1

Compatible Consumables

Player Opinion

Pros and Cons


  • High Hull Traverse
  • Excellent Penetration and ROF along with alpha found on lost mediums of it's tier
  • High Reverse speed and large Gun Sweep range allows for Peek-a-booming
  • High Camo Value


  • Extremely vulnerable to engine damage
  • Poor armor 20mm around the entire tank only enough to bounce the shell from Leopard occasionally
  • Backwards mounted cannon; tank reaches top speed of 32 KPH in reverse and a maximum of 12 forward


The Angry Connor performs just like Archer a tank yet to be added to WoT Blitz from the FV4005 Stage II line with a slight change in higher camo ratings but lower hull traverse by using the "Archer Early" tracks unlike the non-premium counter part having access to the "Archer Late" Tracks. Angry Connor is a weak armored and low HP target so it is recommended that players play far enough off that they may rain a constant barrage of shells onto the opponent while remaing unspotted. The tank has poor gun depression at only about 5° but a very wide arc of Gun Sweep; an open area is recommended for sniping in this tank. Due to the odd way of traveling through mean of driving backwards to reach top speed it is wise to use that for Peek-a-booming when an enemy is distracted so you may quickly withdrawal back to cover and harass repeatedly. This tank has a very exposed engine and it is not uncommon for it to break or to cause a fire with this being noted it is recommended the user carries two means of repairs or anti-fire materials. When facing mediums or lights at close range you can drive and turn faster than most tanks so long as the engine does not take any damage making it a very defensive TD.

History for this tank not found

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