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Changelog: World of Tanks (PC) Patch 0.6.6

Changelog: World of Tanks (PC) Patch 0.6.6

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  • Added new map Siegfried Line;
  • Added new German tanks: Tiger (P), VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. A, E 50, E 75, Е 100;
  • Added new German premium tanks T-15, T-25;
  • Panther II substituted by E-50 as tier 9 German medium tank, Panther substituted by Panther II as tier 8 German medium tank;
  • Rebalanced Panther and Panther II tanks to fit tier 7 and 8 respectively;
  • Maus tank: rate of fire for 12.8 cm gun decreased by 0.2 sec, hit points decreased by 400;
  • IS-7 tank: hit points decreased by 50;
  • T30 tank: hit points decreased by 50, dispersion during movement and traverse increased by 10%, dispersion during turret traverse increased by 30%;
  • Tiger II tank: hit points for stock turret increased by 100;
  • Increased credit income for US tank destroyers M10 and M36;
  • Increased match-making value for US tank destroyer T95;
  • Fixed map bugs on Lakeville, Artic Region, Abbey, Mines, Malinovka;
  • Free platoons for 2 players;
  • Added extra battle tier (tier 1 tanks only) for newcomers - players with up to 10 battles played;
  • Added platoon invite filter - "accept from friends only";
  • Fixed bug with experience transfer flags resetting after battle;
  • Fixed few errors with display of water waves;
  • Fixed bug when vehicle gets stuck due to critical inclination angle;
  • Fixed bug when destroyed tanks are displayed as non-destroyed tanks (rare);
  • Reworked models of 76mm guns for M26 Pershing;
  • Fixed errors with disproportional tank icons;
  • Fixed error when unused consumables with passive bonus are displayed as used;
  • Fixed error with incorrect display of crater created when object is destroyed;
  • Adjusted gun depression for T92;
  • Removed "transfer gold" option from player context menu;
  • Team damage when ramming now counts only if the speed of the vehicle involved exceeds 10 km/h.