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Changelog: World of Tanks (PC) Patch 0.9.10

Changelog: World of Tanks (PC) Patch 0.9.10

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  • Removed Hidden Village, Province, and Pearl River maps from Random Battle mode
  • Changed the distribution of maps across different battle levels
  • Fixed various issues and improved gameplay of Redshire
  • Fixed issues with Ghost Town
  • Fixed damage models of some environmental objects



  • Improved quality of camouflage display
  • Optimized performance of some special effects
  • Reworked the effects of shells hitting the ground
  • Fixed display of hit effects on vehicles
  • Fixed issue with "square" special effects displayed on some AMD video cards with certain AMD driver versions installed
  • Fixed issue with the flickering of semi-transparent vegetation at some graphics settings
  • Changes for "Improved" grahpics setting:
    • Fixed issues in new shadow display technique
    • Introduced changes in how water is displayed
    • Improved the map loading speed


  • Fixed issues, made improvements to Team Battle mode
  • Fixed issues, made improvements to functionality of Dynamic Platoons
  • Reworked the battle loading screen
  • Added Garage tutorial for new players + hints for certain Garage UI elements
  • Fixed issues with Strongholds interface
  • Changed the default value for certain graphics settings
  • Optimized certain aspects of game client performance
  • Fixed issues with conditions/descriptions of some Personal Missions
  • Fixed functionality of autosearch in the Team Battle mode
  • Fixed positioning of some Emblems on different sides of the turret
  • Fixed names of some modules of Soviet vehicles
  • Fixed sorting of vehicle type indicators on the score panel
  • Fixed issue with inability to decline a Platoon invitation received in battle
  • Fixed issue where some Epic Medals and Commemorative Tokens were not properly awarded upon fulfillment of necessary conditions in some cases
  • Fixed minor issues with interface
  • Optimized client performance on some PC configurations