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Changelog: World of Tanks (PC) Patch 0.8.1

Changelog: World of Tanks (PC) Patch 0.8.1

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  • Added base British Tech Tree: medium tanks branch with FV4202 as Tier 10 and heavy tanks with FV215 as Tier 10 tank.
  • Following Premium vehicles were added to in-game store: Tier 7 Soviet TD SU-122-44, Tier 7 German MT Panther M-10, Tier 6 German MT Pz IV Schmalturm
  • Following maps were reworked and optimized for new render graphics:
    • Province
    • El-Halluf
    • Dragon Ridge
    • Abbey
  • ‘Dragon Ridge’ map re-introduced to random battles
  • ‘Prokhorovka’ Assault map removed
  • Inscriptions on USSR tanks were reworked for better visibility and entertainment value
  • Inscriptions of all nations were reworked to be readable from a distance

Game Mechanics

  • Added ability to purchase premium rounds using credits in addition to the current gold variant (prices are based on 1 gold = 400 credits exchange rates) Read more here.
  • ‘Insufficient credits’ status added to the module hint
  • Added the ability for a platoon creator to exclude game modes for the platoon – this means that platoon will enter only the game modes which are selected in platoon creator's options
  • Adjusted the rate at which the tank burns down for the majority of tanks (minor adjustment)
  • Added Object 263 to the description of the ‘Lion of Sinai’ achievement

Technical Optimization

  • Many objects on several maps were optimized for new render system
  • Optimized drawing speed of some small objects
  • Fixed incorrect brightness effects (too dark or too light) on some maps
  • Fixed the performance drop for several hardware configurations


  • Fixed rare issue which caused player be placed into game modes they previously excluded
  • Fixed the situation where selecting one of the game modes to be excluded caused the player to be excluded from a non selected game mode (ex: blocking encounter actually blocked assault)
  • Fixed the bug which launched the tank into the air after it drove inside a bunker
  • Fixed the errors for certain objects and lighting on maps ‘Ruinberg’, ‘Widepark’, ‘El-Halluf’, ‘Airfield’ and ‘Himmelsdorf’
  • Removed tank shadow from the garage when the vehicle is still in baltte
  • Removed gap between tank and surface in standard garage
  • Fixed mistakes in models for the following vehicles:
    • Pz IV Schmalturm
    • SU-122-54
    • Superpershing
    • VK 3002 DB, VK 3001(H)
  • Fixed mistakes in display of camouflage patters on SU-100-M1
  • Fixed incorrect display of emblems and inscriptions on following vehicles:
    • AMX 13F3AM
    • D2, SU-122-54
    • MkVII Tetrarch
    • VK3601H
    • Т110Е5
    • AMX 50 120
  • Fixed the display of the damage panel for SPGs (the display in the lower left of the battle HUD) to show an actual SPG
  • Fixed the display of SU-122-54 turret armoring
  • Fixed the slope angle of lower armor plate of IS-7 (changed to historical)
  • Fixed the slope angle of lower armor plate of IS-3 (changed to historical) as well as bottom armor
  • Fixed poor visibility of the projectile when firing in sniper mode
  • Fixed rare "freeze" of the game at start of battle
  • Fixed rare "freeze" of the game when exiting to garage
  • Fixed severe FPS drop, which happened 2-3 seconds after entering Sniper
  • Fixed water display artifacts with enabled antialiasing
  • Fixed the incorrect re-initialization of dynamic shadows after switching over to the game using Alt+Tab
  • Fixed the display of grass in Sniper Mode with this option disabled
  • Fixed rare incorrect interaction between water and fog
  • Fixed many small interface errors of after battle statistics window
  • Fixed error of replaying the base capture sound during replay pause
  • Fixed the rare error with stop of replay reproduction after rewinding
  • Chat messages returned to replays
  • Fixed battle replay is not ending when the battle is over
  • Fixed inability to resume battle recording after turning it on/off
  • Fixed the incorrect work of minimap in Clan Wars battles (with Fog of War enabled)
  • Fixed the impossibility to reconnect to Clan Wars battle if replays are enabled
  • Fixed the memory leak upon radial menu opening
  • Fixed the update of tank icons in nation tree in research menu
  • Fixed the incorrect status for researched modules on vehicles that have not yet been researched
  • Fixed the intersection of ammo rack blow-up icon with damage numbers
  • Fixed the incorrect sound for hitting a stone surface
  • Fixed the loading of battle menu where it required two presses of the Esc button
  • Fixed rare bug with unavailability of mouse cursor in battle menu window
  • Fixed some small errors in ‘Exterior’ menu window
  • Fixed some grammar errors in German inscriptions
  • Fixed the problem of suspension if account was online for more than 25 hours
  • Fixed incorrect display of penetration mark after ricochet
  • Fixed the impossibility of taking a screenshot with active battle chat
  • Fixed the display of 3 types of shells in Garage for tanks which have only 2 types of ammunition
  • Upon opening the free XP conversion window, any elite vehicle that does not have all of its modules researched due to the addition or change of the *vehicle in a previous update will be unchecked by default
  • Fixed emblem: added Myanmar flag, corrected description for Taiwan flag
  • Clarified terms for receiving the award "Sentinel"
  • Fixed hanging up of the camera when giving a command in the Radial Menu
  • Fixed the missing skill training percentage when choosing a crew member