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Changelog: World of Tanks (PC) Patch 0.7.3

Changelog: World of Tanks (PC) Patch 0.7.3

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Version 0.7.3 Update Notes

  • Two new maps Dragon's Ridge (first Asian map) and South Coast (a Crimea resort place) have been added.
  • KV-3 moved from tier 6 to tier 7 as a Soviet heavy tank, and rebalanced.
  • T-150 substitutes KV-3 as a Soviet heavy tank tier 6.
  • KV-4 added as a Soviet tier 8 heavy tank.
  • ST-I added as a Soviet tier 9 heavy tank.
  • IS-4 moved from tier 9 to tier 10 in Soviet tech tree and rebalanced.
  • IS-8 substitutes IS-4 as a Soviet tier 9 heavy tank.
  • KV divided into KV-1 and KV-2. KV-2 becomes a Soviet tier 6 heavy tank.
  • Added previously tested French premium vehicles to the game store: tier 3 tank destroyer FCM 36 Pak 40 and tier 4 SPG 10.5 сm leFH18 B2.
  • Fixed and reworked visual models of Т25/2, PzKpfw VI Tiger, KV-3, Т32, Т30, Т-46, KV-5, Object 704.
  • Fixed and reworked damaged models of M18 Hellcat, Т32, Т30, Ferdinand, KV-5, Т-43, Т-54.
  • Fixed some errors in the IS-4 damaged model: the gun mantlet thickness was increased from 200mm to 250mm, the glacis (upper frontal armor plate) slope was increased from 58 degrees to 61 degrees.
  • Combat levels for tier 5 heavy tanks reduced by 1.
  • Fixed the display of M103 front armour in the game interface.
  • Fixed the undersized research cost of Т49 from М8А1.
  • Fixed the cost of suspension in TD Т82.
  • Fixed the incorrect cost of radio station FuG 37.
  • Fixed a rare bug with base capture proceeding even though a shell falls between the two tanks capturing the base.
  • Fixed a rare bug with where incorrect experience was distributed amongst crew members during active "Accelerate crew training" option.
  • Fixed the bug when a skill pop-up hint disappeared, if the skill is 0% trained.
  • Fixed the "black terrain" graphics display for back issue Radeon video cards.
  • Fixed minor interface errors in the tank company window.
  • Extended text descriptions of perks and skills.
  • Fixed names of several American HE shells.
  • Added clan logos display on tanks.
  • Fixed the issue with non-destruction of antitank hedgehogs (Komarin map) when hit with HE shells in some cases.
  • Fixed non-receipt of Fadin's Medal for tanks with autoloader mechanism.
  • Added view of ammunition rack explosion to vehicle over target markers.
  • Fixed several bugs with crew training.
  • Fixed mouse inversion operation in SPG view mode.
  • Fixed disappearance of indicator showing distance to a vehicle in reticle.
  • Removed some special modules for top tanks from store.