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Changelog: World of Tanks (PC) Patch

Changelog: World of Tanks (PC) Patch

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Game Features

  • Sound improvements:
    • Added separate sound for damage from HE shells to your own vehicle (not upon direct hits, but splash damage)
    • Added sound indicating allied vehicle was destroyed
    • Implemented 3D positioning of sound of spotting enemy vehicles
    • Reworked sound of tracks for vehicles with a high-powered gasoline engine
    • Implemented sound preset for laptops. This preset adapts the sound scheme for playback on internal laptop speakers at highest possible quality. Added "Bass boost" option
  • Personal Reserves can now be purchased from the Personal Reserves window
  • Restricted the mortar fire ability of SPGs to reduce the influence of mods

Technical Improvements

  • Reworked side scraping effects (now more realistic)
  • Reworked graphics in the top panel by adjusting the glow of markers for destroyed vehicles
  • Optimized a number of performance aspects
  • Reformed battle interface in Action-Script 3


  • Changes to ISU-130 Soviet vehicle:
    • Dispersion on move decreased by 40%
    • Dispersion on hull traverse decreased by 40%
    • Maximum reverse speed changed from 12km/h to 14km/h
    • Maximum forward speed changed from 34km/h to 38km/h
    • View range changed from 350m to 380m
    • Aiming time changed from 2.5s to 2.1s
    • Reload time changed from 12s to 10.3s
    • Dispersion changed from 0.4m to 0.37m
  • Reworked 24 vehicles in HD quality:
    • МТ-25
    • G.W. E 100
    • FV304
    • Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer (Designation changed, previously the Hetzer)
    • Dicker Max
    • Pz.Kpfw. III
    • E 75
    • Waffenträger auf Pz. IV
    • АТ- 1
    • AMX 13 75
    • SU-100Y
    • SU-100M1
    • T57 Heavy Tank
    • Großtraktor - Krupp
    • M37
    • 113
    • G.W. Tiger (P)
    • 121
    • M22 Locust
    • FV215b (183)
    • M8A1
    • T-34-1
    • Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger
    • G.W. Panther
  • Changed the models of existing HD vehicles:
    • Tortoise
    • M103
    • M18 Hellcat
    • Maus
    • Replaced old spline textures on E 75 tracks 
    • Developed new camouflage patterns for the "Hunt" mission for Swedish, Czechoslovakian, and Japanese vehicles


  • Remade the style of the minimaps of Prokhorovka, Ensk, El Halluf, and Cliff
  • Updated some effects on the following maps:
    • Training area
    • Karelia
    • Himmelsdorf
    • Prokhorovka
    • Ruinberg
    • Mines
    • Erlenberg
    • Widepark
    • Sand River
    • El Halluf
    • Airfield
    • Fiery Salient