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Update 0.5.4

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New Russian Cruisers

Nine new cruisers are welcomed to the Russian tech tree.

New Consumable

Radar is only available to Russian cruisers at Tier VIII+. US cruisers will receive this consumable in a future update.

Surveillance Radar: Significantly increases the range of assured acquisition of enemy ships, including those within a Smoke Screen.

Additional Ships

These ships have been added to the client but are not yet available to the general public. You may, however, see them being tested on the live server!


  • Increased the hit points of a number of secondary guns and changed the calculation for how they're damaged by HE shells and shrapnel. The guns are now roughly twice as durable.
  • Increased the efficiency of the AA defense manual targeting from 10% to 30%.
  • Fixed an issue causing the "Radar" icon to be displayed even when you were no longer detected.
  • Changed the sound effect for damage markers to make it less harsh.
  • Fixed the tooltip text for achievements that can't be obtained in Team Battles.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Doubloon price of XP conversion to change mid-transaction.
  • Removed the Doubloons price for "Type 5" camouflage.
  • Iona is now the default captain of the "Arpeggio" Kirishima ship ("Arpeggio" events are not currently active for the NA server, but will commence at a later date).
  • "Arpeggio" captain Yotaro has been added to the client.
  • Added a "test ship" to the client based on Yubari. This ship is not available to the general public and is used only for testing purposes.