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This category is for templates not associated with the ClamWarrior project (See Category:ClamWarrior, Category:DataStyle or Category:Data for templates used by the ClamWarroir project), the only exception are test templates. Templates should be added to this category and, where possible, to one of the sub-categories. If a template has multiple uses then it can belong to more than one sub-category.

  • Only add templates that are in the Template namespace (i.e., start with "Template:").
  • Don't add templates that are being experimented with, i.e., first ensure a template works as desired before adding it. However, templates created to be used as sandboxes for existing templates can be listed here and in Category:Test Templates.
    • Test templates that are sandboxes for existing

ClamWarrior templates can also be listed here and and in Category:Test Templates.

  • Don't add templates that are for your personal use or that you're just playing around with.
  • Before creating a template check if there isn't a template already available that does the same thing.
  • Don't create unnecessary templates, check with others if the template you wish to make is desired (at least ask an admin).
  • Some templates may be protected, so that only an admin can edit them.
  • Some templates are used on a large number of pages and/or are used a large number of times on individual pages. Saving, after editing such a template, can slow the server to a crawl for everyone. Saving multiple times, to see what various edits do, will repeatedly slow the server to a crawl and if done frequently can bring the server to a standstill. Therefore, don't edit such templates straight away, instead;
    • Create a test template page. It can be a sub-page of your user page (e.g., User:Username/Test Template) instead of being in the Template namespace. In this case, when transcluding, you will need to use "{{User:Username/Test Template}}" instead of "{{Test Template}}".
      • Just in case it isn't obvious, replace Username with your own user name.
    • Copy the code from the original template to the test template.
    • Edit the code in the test template and save it.
    • See if the changes give the desired result. On a page that uses the original template, replace it with the name of your test template and, to view the result, use "Show preview" rather than "Save page". Alternately, use your user page (or a sub-page of it) to see if the test template works.
    • Do further modifications as required.
    • When the test template is working as desired then copy the code to the original template and save it. This will slow down the server but it will only do it once. As there is rarely any need to immediately change an existing template's code, this stage can be left until the server is not being used very much, e.g., late at night or early in the morning (US times, of course). If you can't do it during a quiet period, ask someone else to do it for you. An admin may be able to do it (they should have a better idea when the server is quiet), there are also normal editors who live outside the US timezones or those with unusual sleeping habits. If you don't know anyone who can help then ask on the the World of Tanks forums.
    • If you're unsure whether a template is used a lot on the wiki then use the above procedure for the convenience of other users on this server. The last thing you want is the sysop getting annoyed with you, let alone the admins and normal editors who are trying to work on the wiki.


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