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Vehicles of the Nation of Poland were added to World of Tanks in Patch 1.10. The current Polish tech tree consists of a single line of Light Tanks from Tiers I through IV. The Polish tree branches into two Medium Tank lines at Tier V and one branch continues as a line of Medium Tanks through Tier X. The other branch changes from Medium Tanks to Heavy Tanks at Tier VIII and continues as Heavy Tanks through Tier X.

Polish Tech tree 1.16.1

The design of the vehicles in the Polish tree are heavily influenced by Russian tank doctrine and perform with similar characteristics to those of comparable tanks of the Russian tech tree -- low rate of fire, high alpha, passable armor starting at Tier VII, and sluggish mobility. The Polish Tier X medium tank introduces the gas turbine mechanic, letting you switch between regular and turbo mode, the latter giving you a top speed of 70kph. The vehicles in the Polish tech tree consist mostly of tanks that historically only existed on drawing boards as designs. Actual development of the vehicles in the Polish tech tree never reached prototype or production stage.

The Polish tree also includes five premium vehicles: the Tier II Light Tank TKS z n.k.m. 20 mm, the Tier VI Medium Tanks Pudel and T34-85 Rudy, the Tier VII Medium Tank CS 52 LIS, and the Tier VIII Heavy Tank 50TP Prototyp.

Light Tanks

Medium Tanks

Heavy Tanks