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G.W. Panther

G.W. Panther

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G_Panther (Stock)

1380000 Price
360 Hit Points
29.56 / 32 kgWeight
  1. Commander
50/30/20Hull Armor(front/sides/rear, mm)
30/16/16Turret Armor(front/sides/rear, mm)
325 h.p.Engine Power
46 km/hSpeed Limit
24 deg/secTraverse Speed
950 Standard Shell Damage
85 mmStandard Shell Penetration
21.1 Time for Complete Loading
10 deg/secTurret Traverse Speed
370 mView Range
310 mSignal Range
Developed by the Krupp company in 1943 and 1944. A scale model of the artillery was built, but no full-size prototypes were ever produced.

It is a good artillery for its tier, with the widest (along with the M37) gun traverse arc of any artillery thanks to its limited turret rotation - making it easy to move to new targets without having to move the hull of your tank. The GW Panther starts with the Hummel's gun, but gets a more accurate and powerful gun once researched. The GW Panther cannot excel in the role of a tank destroyer, as the Hummel did due to its size and lack of gun depression, but it can do the job in an emergency. The GW Panther is highly maneuverable for a tier 7 SPG, which allows easy relocation in the event of detection. It is nicknamed "Dracula", due to its Dracula cape-like armor on the rear and side of its gun.

Compatible Equipment

Compatible Consumables

Player Opinion

Pros and Cons


  • Very good gun range for both of the guns
  • Decent acceleration and top speed, can reach his top speed easily
  • Wide firing arc, allowing you to keep aiming circle accurate
  • Decent reload speed
  • Good aim time


  • Not the best camouflage value
  • Now slow hull traverse speed, along with the Hummel in 8.6.


Slightly more sluggish than the Hummel, the GW Panther trades some mobility for firepower. Thankfully however, it doesn't give much away for a large gain in power; maintaining maneuverability and speed compared to the other Tier 7 SPGs.

The GW Panther is a very solid arty, having a high accuracy and a large firing arc; and these days with the raised dispersion while moving (since 8.6), a large firing arc is very important. This also works well with the camouflage net, as it stays active in critical situations. Therefore, if any enemies come near, you have the element of surprise.

The high accuracy (0,70, the best of any german SPG), a good firing arc and high damage amkes the G.W. Panther one of the most feared SPGs in the game.

Historical Info

In 1942, German designers started the development of a new series which would utilize chassis and components of various tanks and use them as mountings for various heavy weapons. Designs of the Grille Series incorporated many new technical modifications in order to mount heavy weapons. Some vehicles of the Grille Series were designed to be weapon carriers - Waffenträger. Some of those vehicles reached prototype stage, but none of them entered production that was planned for mid 1945. The Grille 12/15 was to be based on a Panther chassis. Originally, the Grille 10 was built based on the order for heavy anti-tank vehicles to be armed with the 88mm Flak L/56 gun and be used against fortifications of the Maginot Line. In June of 1940, a change of technical specifications occurred: the vehicle build by Krupp was modified to be a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun. It was based on the Pz Sf IVc chassis. The original anti-tank vehicle, designated as 8.8cm K(PzSfl) auf Sonderfahrgestell, was to be armed with the 88mm Pak 43 gun, but only a wooden model was made. In late 1942, three prototypes were made: the Versuchsflakwagen für 8.8cm Flak 37. In 1944, they were re-armed with the 88mm Flak 41 guns and designated the Versuchsflakwagen für 8.8cm Flak 41. A single example was re-armed again with the 88mm Flak 37 and sent for tests to Italy, where it served with Heeres Flakartillerie Abteilung (Sf.) 304, and was assigned to the 26th Panzer Division.

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