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Battle Tier limit
Size, m
Map type
  • Map
  • Standard battle
  • Assault
Visualised terrain resistance.
Red is soft- and green is hard terrain.
Unmarked areas are medium terrain.

A wonderfully lush area, Westfield features forests, fields, farmland, and multiple villages throughout the map. Included is a large war-damaged bridge crossing the eastern valley. Plentiful ridges give ambush positions along nearly every route, and large fields can leave a tank vulnerable when moving between positions.

The map on this current page is outdated. Here is a current one

9.14 Westfield


Each side of the map has two spawns, an upper spawn which provides easy access to the NW area of the map. and a lower spawn which provides quick access to the East. Mediums and lights usually spawn in the lower area, but they can also spawn on top.


The village that is NW of the center of map is a great place for heavies to brawl. The houses offer mostly solid cover, which means that the peek-a-boo tactic can be useful. To the west of the village, there is a small ridge where tanks wait for the enemy to climb over. If you think that going over the hill is a good idea, make sure to bring a few other tanks to overwhelm the enemy. Tanks within this area can abuse their gun depression and turret armor. Cresting this hill exposes you to tanks which often sit in the tree/bush line a few squares behind this main area to get sniping shots (E-C1 for West side; A line for North spawn). In between the C3 and B2 hills, there is a small, lowered path. Players who spawn on the East side can get hulldown at B3 and get early spots/shots on tanks that cross to B2. This path area is useful in tanks that don't have as much gun depression, such as the T-62A, since it is significantly flatter than the areas surrounding it.

To the east of the map is where most mediums and lights will do well. There is a narrow plain surrounded by trees, where tanks will sometimes battle it out. East of the bridge is a hill. Many tanks end up getting taken out over here, but if you have an accurate gun, it may be worth it as you will be able to hit enemies on the outskirts of the village.

Map Control

The West side of the map is very important. Winning it gives much more map control than the East side. You have high ground on both cap circles and protection from snipers on the East flank. While winning the East side does give some control, it is not as much or as significant as controlling the West. If you win the East but lose the West as well, your team will have a much harder time fighting. This is why many people who have the lower spawn climb the hill to the West flank.

Typical Match

Matches typically play out like this: Heavies and Mediums go to the West side and fight on the hills. It is not recommended to go to the small hill to the left of B2 as it easily exposes your side and engine deck as you climb it, does not provide enough cover, and is pretty useless. You won't damage anything from there. You will just die, horribly. Once the fast tanks have made it into position they may crest the hill to get some early spots/shots on the slower tanks. Do not stay up there for too long, as it leaves you exposed. During the main fight, tanks will take occasional shots at each other and whittle down the enemy's health. Once a team recognizes an overmatch, the quicker tanks will drive over the hills and swarm the enemy. Now that this flank is won and map control is established, the game is pretty much over. Try to get as much damage as possible in the closing stages of the game.

On the East side, tanks will fight around K9-0. Players can get side shots onto tanks rushing this area from the K7 and G0 hills. Once a team has won the 9-0, they will rush to the remaining tanks camping on this flank. After this they may cap out or help the West

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