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Chance-Vought F4U-4 Corsair

Chance-Vought F4U-4 Corsair

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1320000 Price
360 Survivability
5514 kgWeight
288.7 Damage
1549.2 Airspeed
670 km/hTop Speed at Sea Level
670 km/hTop Speed at Best Altitude
1300 mOptimum Altitude
850 km/hMaximum Dive Speed
113.4 m/sRate of Climb
160 km/hStall Speed
387 km/hOptimum Airspeed
79.2 Controllability
11.4 sAverage Time to Turn 360 deg
130 °/sRate of Roll
1187.4 Maneuverability
A further modification of the F4U. Used extensively in World War II against Japan and the Korean War. A total of 2,557 aircraft were built.

Tech Tree


Player Opinion

Pros and Cons


  • Good airspeed for a multirole
  • Decent maneuverability for a multirole
  • Durable for a multirole
  • Powerful 20mm autocannons with a long overheat time
  • Can carry rockets or bombs


  • Low optimal altitude, vulnerable to boom-and-zoom fighters and heavy fighters
  • Potentially painful stock grind if top guns haven't been unlocked in other planes


Coming out the F4U-1, the F4U-4 Corsair feels more of an upgrade than a new plane. Like before it starts out armed with only 12.7mm machine guns. Without unlocking the top guns from the P-51A Mustang and the F7F Tigercat, you're in for a tough early grind. The 20mm autocannons are completely worth it as they combine a happy balance of firepower, accuracy, and high overheat time. The bombs and rockets carry over from the F4U-1 and should be used the same as before. This plane plays exactly like its predecessor, but at Tier VII you have some things to watch out for. Low altitude turnfighters remain a menace but now high altitude boom-and-zoom fighters become just as serious a problem. Stay close to your team's fighters and keep an eye on enemy fighters trying to ambush you from above. Like the plane before it, the F4U-4 is durable enough to take a few hits but always have an escape plan (and enough boost) as enemies with large-caliber guns will still tear it apart. Support your team with your rockets (or bombs) and tear planes apart with your new 20mm guns. The F4U-4 is a solid but flexible multirole that gets the job done.

Early Research

  • 2nd 12.7mm machine guns and 20mm autocannons are shared with the P-51A and F7F Tigercat respectively
  • Otherwise, research the guns first
  • Bombs and HVAR Rockets carry over from the F4U-1 and can be mounted immediately
  • Research the engines next

History for this plane not found

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