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Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai

Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai

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Chi_Nu_Kai (Stock)

AnnoJ12 Chi Nu Kai.png
1500 Price
480 Hit Points
21.21 / 23.3 kgWeight
  1. Commander
50/25/20Hull Armor(front/sides/rear, mm)
75/50/50Turret Armor(front/sides/rear, mm)
240 h.p.Engine Power
38.8 km/hSpeed Limit
38 deg/secTraverse Speed
125 Standard Shell Damage
124 mmStandard Shell Penetration
5 Time for Complete Loading
30 deg/secTurret Traverse Speed
350 mView Range
400 mSignal Range
Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai
Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai
The Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai medium tank is a combination of the Type 3 Chi-Nu suspension and turret and the Type 4 Chi-To gun. Only one prototype was built. It was ready for trials in March of 1945.

Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai


Level Turret Weight (t) Turret Armor (front/sides/rear, mm) Gun Traverse Speed (deg/s) View Range (m)
turret V Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai 6500 75/50/50 30 350
Level Gun Weight (t) Average Penetration (mm) Rate of Fire Dispersion at 100 m Aiming Time
gun V 7.5 cm Tank Gun Type 5 1489 124/155/38 125/125/175 12 0.37 2.3
Level Engine Weight (t) Engine Power (h.p.) Chance of Fire on Impact
engine IV Type 100 V-12 630 240 15
Level Suspension Weight (t) Load Limit Traverse Speed (deg/s)
chassis V Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai 6300 23.3 38
Level Radio Weight (t) Signal Range (m)
radio IV Type 94 Mk. 4 Hei Kai 0 400

Compatible Equipment

Medium Spall Liner
Camouflage Net
Coated Optics
Enhanced Gun Laying Drive
Improved Ventilation Class 2
Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer
Binocular Telescope
"Wet" Ammo Rack Class 1

Compatible Consumables

Automatic Fire Extinguisher
Manual Fire Extinguisher
Large First Aid Kit
Large Repair Kit
Quality Oil
Small First Aid Kit
Small Repair Kit

Player Opinion

Pros and Cons


  • Highly accurate gun with nice penetration
  • Gun mantlet can absorb some shots
  • Decent camouflage values


  • Rather sluggish compared to other mediums of its tier
  • Poor armor and quite tall for its tier; constant module damage
  • Bad gun depression
  • Low penetration with gold ammo compared to other tier 5 mediums
  • Long reload time for unremarkable increase in damage


The designation is a little deceptive on this tank. The suffix "Kai" usually refers to an upgraded version of an existing military model. The Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai in World of Tanks is far from an upgrade to the Type 3 Chi-Nu, its regular Tier 5 counterpart. With "upgraded" suspension, according to historical sources, it actually is less maneuverable than its counterpart. The only real upgrade worth mentioning is a slightly better armored turret that can take some hits to the mantlet without much danger, but don't count on it. Gun depression, trademark of Japanese mediums is also worse. Side scraping is an option but don't rely on it.

If you own a Tiger 1, then this tank should be played as one, though you must remember your tall turret is a bullet magnet. Play as a support sniper even if you are top tier, as your armor is almost non-existent. Sixth Sense is definitely a must have for this tank.

For all intents and purposes, treat this as you would the Type 3 Chi-Nu; as a deadly sniper tank when it is top of its tier, and a flanking sniper when it is at the bottom.

Early Research

Chi Nu Kai is a premium Tier V tank. No need to research.

History for this tank not found

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