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T23 (Stock)

7000 Price
1440 Hit Points
35.93 / 39.14 kgWeight
  1. Commander
76.2/50.8/38.1Hull Armor(front/sides/rear, mm)
76.2/63.5/63.5Turret Armor(front/sides/rear, mm)
500 h.p.Engine Power
56.3 km/hSpeed Limit
40 deg/secTraverse Speed
115 Standard Shell Damage
128 mmStandard Shell Penetration
3.3 Time for Complete Loading
42 deg/secTurret Traverse Speed
380 mView Range
395 mSignal Range
Experimental medium tank. Developed from the end of 1942 through the summer of 1944. The vehicle was never mass-produced, nor saw combat.

The T23E3 was first awarded to the top 6000 players during the "World on Fire" mini-campaign. Due to this, it is not visible in the tech tree nor in the in-game store and it makes this tank quite a mysterious machine.

Like most American medium tanks, it is a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none. However, this tank is also very different in that it has a very rapid fire, low damage and low penetration gun that forces its users into a very different style of play than what is the norm for American medium tanks. Its armour is very similar to most other American medium tanks: it can not be relied upon. Furthermore it features that excellent gun depression American tankers are accustomed to and tops it off with very decent soft statistics and mobility.

15cm s.I.G. auf SdKfz 101


Level Turret Weight (t) Turret Armor (front/sides/rear, mm) Gun Traverse Speed (deg/s) View Range (m)
turret VIII T23D51080 7800 76.2/63.5/63.5 42 380
Level Gun Weight (t) Average Penetration (mm) Rate of Fire Dispersion at 100 m Aiming Time
gun VI 76 mm Gun M1A2 1590 128/177/38 115/115/185 18.18 0.36 2.2
Level Engine Weight (t) Engine Power (h.p.) Chance of Fire on Impact
engine VII Ford GAN T23 569 500 20
Level Suspension Weight (t) Load Limit Traverse Speed (deg/s)
chassis VII VVSS T51 7700 39.14 40
Level Radio Weight (t) Signal Range (m)
radio VI SCR 508A 0 395

Compatible Equipment

Vertical Stabilizer Mk 1
Medium Spall Liner
Camouflage Net
Fill Tanks with CO2
Coated Optics
Enhanced Gun Laying Drive
Enhanced Torsion Bars 3 t Class
Improved Ventilation Class 2
Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer
Binocular Telescope
"Wet" Ammo Rack Class 1

Compatible Consumables

Automatic Fire Extinguisher
Case of Cola
100-octane Gasoline
105-octane Gasoline
Manual Fire Extinguisher
Large First Aid Kit
Large Repair Kit
Small First Aid Kit
Small Repair Kit

Player Opinion

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent gun depression
  • High rate of fire
  • Very fast reverse speed, allowing for a speedy reverse escape.
  • Good gun dispersion while moving and turning turret
  • Effective thickness of the upper glacis is similar to the Tiger I's, due to the slope


  • Horrendous penetration at tier
  • Turret armor and mantlet do not overlap significantly
  • Rather sluggish in turning and accelerating making it hard to maneuver cross-country.


This tanks performs very similarly to a T20 armed with the stock 76mm M1A1 gun, with a few extra albeit negligible features. In fact, it was designed as a successor to the T20 in real history so it is only logical that they will share characteristics. In its playstyle, it is very similar to the Comet in that it also relies greatly upon gun depression, rate of fire and flanking. The T20 is quite a bother to drive with the stock 76mm but this issue is not present in the T23E3 as its matchmaking is limited to tier 8 and below. In common with the T20, it is quite sluggish while driving and requires some getting used to. On the move, it fires very accurately, hitting most of its shots at medium range. Overall, this tank is hard to master and difficult to drive, but in the hands of an experienced driver, it will wreak havoc.

A sidenote is that the T23 turret is virtually identical to the upgraded turret of the M4 Sherman and the M4A3E8 Sherman. This is because the T23's turret was used when it was desirable for Shermans to be equipped with the 76mm M1A1 and the 76mm M1A2, since both tanks share the same turret ring.

Historical Info

Like the T20 and T22, T23s with the 75 mm automatic gun and 3 inch gun were planned but never constructed. The T23 was actually the first of the T20 series prototypes completed and was found to be highly manoeuvrable. The Design was classified "limited procurement" in May 1943 and 250 T23s were ordered, although the design was never standardized or issued to front line units. Production models featured the T80 turret that would later be used in modified form on the up-gunned M4 variants. The T23 was not adopted for service partly because of its untried transmission system and partly because the design had poor weight distribution and excessive ground pressure. In an attempt to rectify this, two further variants were ordered, the T23E3 with torsion bar suspension and the T23E4 with horizontal volute suspension. The T23E4 was cancelled before the design was completed, but the T23E3 prototype was completed and the Torsion bar suspension was found to have reduced the ground pressure by 20% compared to the T23.

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