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Lo Yang

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Zerstörer | Pan-Asien | Tier VIII
Position im Forschungsbaum
Kaufpreis8.000 Dublonen
127 mm/38 Mk304 х 1 Stück
Feuerrate17.96 Schuss/Minute
Nachladezeit3.34 Sekunden
Drehgeschwindigkeit34 Grad/Sekunde
Dauer für 180-Kehre5.29 Sekunden
Feuerreichweite11.55 km
Maximale Streuung101 m
Sprenggranate (HE)127 mm HE Mk32 
Maximaler HE-Granaten-Schaden1.800 
Brandwahrscheinlichkeit bei HE-Treffer%
Austrittsgeschwindigkeit HE-Granate792 m/s
Gewicht HE-Granate24.5 kg
Panzerbrechende Granate127 mm AP/SC Mk38 
Maximaler AP-Granaten-Schaden2.100 
Austrittsgeschwindigkeit AP-Granate792 m/s
Gewicht AP-Granate25 kg
Höchstgeschwindigkeit38 Knoten
Wendekreis570 Meter
Ruderstellzeit2.7 Sekunden
Erkennbarkeit zu Wasser7.38 km
Erkennbarkeit zu Luft2.88 km

Das ist eine veraltete Vorlage! Verwendet die Vorlage WoWs_Schiff


Loyang — Pan-Asiatischer premium Tier VIII Zerstörer.

A destroyer specifically built for the U.S. Navy, boasting powerful AA guns and a high speed. She was handed over to the Republic of China Navy in 1954. Her armament was comprised of dual-purpose main guns and quintuple torpedo tubes.


link=Ship: Feuerrate
Dauer 180°-Drehung
Maximale Streuung
Maximalschaden HE-Granate
Brandwahrscheinlichkeit von HE-Granaten
Maximalschaden AP-Granate
127 mm/38 Mk30185,291011.80052.100 00
link=Ship: Schiffspunkte
Loyang14.600132142/4/420 00
link=Ship: Feuerrate
Nachladezeit Torpedowerfer
Dauer 180°-Drehung
533 mm Mk15 Mod. 00,61097,211.600559,2 00
533 mm Mk310,51227,216.633686,7 00
link=Ship: Erweiterung Feuerreichweite
Maximale Feuerreichweite
Mk8 Mod. 1011,6 00
link=Ship: Höchstgeschwindigkeit
Leistung: 50 000 PS38 00

Verfügbare Erweiterungen

 Slot 1    Hauptbewaffnungs-Modifikation 1  Hilfsbewaffnungs-Modifikation 1  Magazinmodifikation 1
 Slot 2    Schadensbegrenzungs- system-Modifikation 1  Schutzsystem für Manövrierbarkeit
 Slot 3    Hauptbatterie-Modifikation 2  Fla-Bewaffnungs-Modifikation 1  Zielsystem-Modifikation 1  Torpedowerfer-Modifikation 1
 Slot 4    Schadensbegrenzungs- system-Modifikation 2  Antriebs-Modifikation 1  Steuergetriebe-Modifikation 1
 Slot 5    Torpedo-Überwachungssystem  Tarnsystem-Modifikation 1  Steuergetriebe-Modifikation 2  Schiffsverbrauchs- material-Modifikation 1



Lo Yang is essentially a Hull (C) Benson in premium form. She is a highly flexible destroyer, with access to Upgrade Slot 6 and Concealment Systems Modification 1 which allow her to have a concealment value that rivals those of her Japanese counterparts. When that stealth is combined with a potent torpedo armament, fast-firing main battery guns, and a flexible array of consumable choices, Lo Yang becomes true jack-of-all-trades ship with an incredibly high ceiling in the hands of a skilled captain.

For Lo Yang, it all starts with her main battery. When built for maximum stealth, her detection radius of 5.8 km combined with 18 rounds per minute from each of the four guns in her main battery make her a terror to enemy destroyers. She can work in close, then cut opposing destroyers down very quickly with her high rate of fire. Beyond her main battery, Lo Yang has access to torpedoes whose range exceeds her detection radius. She has a very long reload time for her torpedo tubes, but the torpedoes themselves are harder to detect than their Japanese counterparts and give her targets less reaction time to dodge out of the way. Uniquely, Lo Yang has access to the Vorlage:Hydroacoustic Search consumable — and an improved one at that — giving her the ability to detect enemy ships out to 5.4km. This makes her an amazing destroyer hunter when enemy destroyer captains are obliging enough to camp in their own smoke screens; at a minimum, the hydro consumable gives Lo Yang unrivaled ability to screen friendly ships from incoming torpedoes.

Even a ship as good as Lo Yang has drawbacks. Her anti-aircraft suite might generously be called mediocre, though she does have access to Vorlage:Defensive AA Fire to help drive off enemy planes. As a destroyer she has no real armor to speak of, and most shells that hit her will disable at least one module of some kind. Her shell arcs become challenging to use past the 7-8 km range, and require excessive lead in order to land hits.

Despite the negatives, though, Lo Yang is one of the better balanced destroyers in World of Warships, capable of providing a valuable contribution to any team she finds herself on in the hands of a skilled captain.

LittleWhiteMouse's Premium Ship Review: Lo Yang from the NA forums


  • Fast turret traverse.
  • Has access to the Vorlage:Hydroacoustic Search consumable, which turns the destroyer into a bloodhound; Lo Yang has the equivalent of Tier VII German cruiser hydro, with detection ranges for both torpedoes and ships of 3.75km and 5.43km, respectively.
  • Has access to the Vorlage:Defensive AA Fire consumable as a option.
  • Two torpedo loadout options.
  • Good rudder shift.
  • Impressive handling characteristics; she responds to her rudder quickly and has a tight turning radius.
  • Captains that are familiar with the American Tier VIII destroyer Benson should perform well in her.


  • Torpedoes armament is a mixed bag; stock torpedoes are the same as Benson’s stock Mk. 15 mod. 0 — slow and longer ranged — while the optional torpedoes are much faster with a nearly suicidal range of only 6.7km.
  • Vorlage:Hydroacoustic Search is in the same slot as Vorlage:Engine Boost so choose wisely.
  • Lo Yang is essentially a Hull (C) Benson flying the Taiwanese flag, so she has only four (4) guns instead of the five (5) found on Benson’s Hull (B).
  • Anti-aircraft suite is mainly for show and will rarely shoot anything down (even with Vorlage:Defensive AA Fire active).
  • Very long torpedo reload time.
  • High shell arcs make it hard to hit fast moving ships, especially if they are maneuvering to avoid incoming fire.


As a premium ship, Loyang doesn't have any upgrades to research.

Optimale Konfiguration


The recommended upgrades for Loyang are as follows:

Upgrade Slot 2 is most commonly filled with Aiming Systems Modification 1, but captains who have equipped Vorlage:Defensive AA Fire may wish to use AA Guns Modification 2 in order to increase the radius of their anti-aircraft bubble. Similarly, captains looking to maximize their anti-aircraft capabilities may wish to install the special Defensive AA Fire Modification 1 upgrade into Upgrade Slot 4, while those who have opted to sail with Vorlage:Hydroacoustic Search equipped should install Hydroacoustic Search Modification 1 in order to maximize the consumable's duration.


Key skills for Loyang commanders include Preventative Maintenance at Level 1, Last Stand at Level 2, Survivability Expert at Level 3, and Concealment Expert at Level 4. Once those four basic skills have been covered, captains can begin to customize their Lo Yang commander further. Captains wishing to focus on maximizing their main battery should sink points into Demolition Expert and Basic Firing Training at Level 3; more torpedo-minded captains should invest in Torpedo Armament Expertise instead. Level 2's Adrenaline Rush is a good buy regardless of which armament is chosen for a focus, as is Level 3's Superintendent to maximize Lo Yang’s array of consumable choices. Captains wishing to invest in a full-on anti-aircraft build should invest in Basic Firing Training and Manual Fire Control for AA Armament; Lo Yang is capable of shooting down surprising numbers of enemy aircraft when configured properly, but it requires a heavy investment in commander skill points and upgrades.


Loyang can equip the following consumables:

A gunboat destroyer such as Lo Yang is inevitably going to come under heavy fire; the abbreviated cooldown on Vorlage:Damage Control Party II will eventually pay for itself. Shelling out the doubloons or credits here is highly recommended. Paying for Vorlage:Smoke Generator II is captain's choice, but there are times that the shortened cooldown on smoke is the difference between sneaking away and going to the bottom.

The tough choice for Lo Yang captains is what to plug into Slot 3. Vorlage:Hydroacoustic Search is what really sets Lo Yang apart from the competition and is highly recommended; in fact, pony up the credits or doubloons for Vorlage:Hydroacoustic Search II. Vorlage:Defensive AA Fire is not a bad option, but is really only worthwhile with a near max-level captain heavily invested into anti-aircraft skills. Vorlage:Engine Boost isn't recommended as the other two are better options.


As a premium ship, Lo Yang comes included with Type 10 camouflage that lowers her detection radius, reduces the accuracy of incoming shells, and increases the amount of experience she earns.


Juliet Charlie (-100% Gefahr einer Detonation ihres Munitionsbunkers) is always a good signal to use on destroyers to avoid detonations. Sierra Mike (+5% Höchstgeschwindigkeit des Schiffes) is a great pick for Lo Yang captains who equip Vorlage:Hydroacoustic Search but don't like that they must sacrifice Vorlage:Engine Boost, as it adds another couple of knots to Lo Yang’s top speed.



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