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Zerstörer | Japan | Tier X
Position im Forschungsbaum
Forschungskosten223000 EP
Kaufpreis19.300.000 Kreditpunkte
127 mm/50 Jahr 3 Typ Mod. D3 х 2 Stück
Feuerrate10.45 Schuss/Minute
Nachladezeit5.74 Sekunden
Drehgeschwindigkeit7.9 Grad/Sekunde
Dauer für 180-Kehre22.78 Sekunden
Feuerreichweite11.37 km
Maximale Streuung100 m
Sprenggranate (HE)127 mm HE Typ 1 
Maximaler HE-Granaten-Schaden2.150 
Brandwahrscheinlichkeit bei HE-Treffer%
Austrittsgeschwindigkeit HE-Granate915 m/s
Gewicht HE-Granate23 kg
Panzerbrechende Granate127 mm AP Typ 0 
Maximaler AP-Granaten-Schaden2.200 
Austrittsgeschwindigkeit AP-Granate915 m/s
Gewicht AP-Granate23 kg
610 mm Fünfling3 х 5 Stück
Feuerrate0.4 Schuss/Minute
Nachladezeit150 Sekunden
Drehgeschwindigkeit25 Grad/Sekunde
Dauer für 180°-Kehre7.2 Sekunden
TorpedoTyp 93 
Torpedogeschwindigkeit62 Knoten
Torpedoreichweite20.01 km
Torpedoerkennbarkeit2.5 km
127 mm/50 Jahr 3 Typ Mod. D3 х 2 Stück
. . . Mittlerer Schaden pro Sekunde30.3 
. . . Feuerreichweite5.01 km
25 mm/60 Typ 96 Mod. 114 х 1 Stück
. . . Mittlerer Schaden pro Sekunde25.2 
. . . Feuerreichweite2.49 km
25 mm/60 Typ 96 Zwilling Mod. 11 х 2 Stück
. . . Mittlerer Schaden pro Sekunde2.7 
. . . Feuerreichweite2.49 km
25 mm/60 Typ 96 Drilling Mod. 12 х 3 Stück
. . . Mittlerer Schaden pro Sekunde6.6 
. . . Feuerreichweite2.49 km
Höchstgeschwindigkeit39 Knoten
Wendekreis690 Meter
Erkennbarkeit zu Wasser7.11 km
Erkennbarkeit zu Luft3.38 km

Das ist eine veraltete Vorlage! Verwendet die Vorlage WoWs_Schiff


Shimakaze — Japanischer Tier X Zerstörer.

Shimakaze, hull number 125, was an experimental destroyer, envisioned as the new generation of destroyer design for the Imperial Japanese Navy, born from the 1939 4th Naval Armaments Supplement Programme. Bigger and greater in tonnage than previous types, she carried a larger, higher pressure powerplant than her predecessors, which resulted in the highest speed of any Imperial Japanese destroyer, along with the largest torpedo broadside of any previous destroyer, whilst still carrying a typical compliment of main guns.


Hauptbatterie Feuerrate
Dauer 180°-Drehung
Maximale Streuung
Maximalschaden HE-Granate
Brandwahrscheinlichkeit von HE-Granaten
Maximalschaden AP-Granate
127 mm/50 Typ 310,522,781002.15092.200 01.700.000
Rumpf Schiffspunkte
Shimakaze (A)17.90062032/14/1/330 02.000.000
Torpedos Feuerrate
Nachladezeit Torpedowerfer
Dauer 180°-Drehung
Typ F30,51317,221.366768 30.0002.500.000
Typ 93 Mod. 30,41537,223.7666712 30.0002.500.000
Typ 930,41507,220.9666220 02.500.000
Feuerleitanlage Erweiterung Feuerreichweite
Maximale Feuerreichweite
Typ 10 Mod. 1011,4 01.100.000
Motor Höchstgeschwindigkeit
Leistung: 75 000 PS39 01.650.000

Verfügbare Erweiterungen

 Slot 1    Hauptbewaffnungs-Modifikation 1  Hilfsbewaffnungs-Modifikation 1  Magazinmodifikation 1
 Slot 2    Schadensbegrenzungs- system-Modifikation 1  Antriebs-Modifikation 1  Steuergetriebe-Modifikation 1
 Slot 3    Hauptbatterie-Modifikation 2  Fla-Bewaffnungs-Modifikation 1  Zielsystem-Modifikation 1
 Slot 4    Schadensbegrenzungs- system-Modifikation 2  Antriebs-Modifikation 2  Steuergetriebe-Modifikation 2
 Slot 5    Zielerfassungssystem-Modifikation 1  Tarnsystem-Modifikation 1  Steuergetriebe-Modifikation 3
 Slot 6    Fla-Bewaffnungs-Modifikation 2  Hauptbatterie-Modifikation 3  Torpedowerfer-Modifikation 3  Feuerleitanlagen-Modifikation 2



As the pinnacle of the Japanese Destroyer tech-tree, the Shimakaze epitomizes the play-style of the main line of ships: a long-range torpedo boat with solid – albeit slightly underwhelming – artillery.

The fundamental flavor of this ship are the unmatched volume of torpedoes that can be launched at once, giving rise to the nickname "Skillakaze"; therefore players must consider which torpedoes they wish to use, as it will affect the manner in which the ship will be utilized. It must be understood that the torpedoes individually are not as good as other nation's. The high range Type 93 torpedoes have an impressive range, but the torpedo detectability range of them is exceptionally poor at 2.5 km and this coupled with the lower than typical speed means landing hits is extremely challenging. The other two options are far more viable; the Type 93 mod 3 of 12km range has an on-par high speed, significantly lower detection and the strongest punch of any torpedo; The Type F3 of 8km range has outstanding, unrivaled speed, and a quicker reload, but at the cost of slightly worse detection and lower damage. The latter choice leads itself to very risky gameplay, but they are much more likely to land on a target, whereas the former 12km option leads itself to metered, conservative gameplay. With any option great care must be taken on positioning the ship safely to launch, and in considering and predicting the enemy's expected movements.

Yūgumo and Shimakaze are the two 12.7cm-gun Japanese destroyers that enjoy relatively good gun reload and acceptable turret traverse speeds, and thus can be utilized as a reasonably acceptable gunnery platform. This is not in line with some popular conceptions about Japanese destroyers. It is worth noting that whilst the reload is acceptable and the gun's range is excellent, the damage-dealing capability will always lag behind other lines of destroyers, so more than ever direct gun trades are not advisable. Japanese torpedoes have the highest flooding chance, so using the guns to light fires and damage modules before and after torpedo attacks can form a very effective and integrated playstyle. Great care must be paid to enemy formations, especially in the case of hydro-acoustic search, radar, and enemy aircraft, as well as other ships.

In the hands of a cunning but cautious hunter, the Shimakaze can be made to shine.


  • Excellent speed of 39 knots; significantly faster than all other modern Japanese destroyers.
  • Type 93 mod. 3 torpedoes have the highest damage of any tech-tree researchable torpedo.
  • Full broadside salvo of fifteen torpedoes makes it extremely formidable at closer ranges.
  • Decent gun firing range.
  • Absurd torpedo potential damage — over 350,000 — with Type 93 mod. 3 torpedoes.
  • Fast rudder time, like other Japanese destroyers.


  • All torpedoes are significantly inferior in detectablity than other nations.
  • Whilst decent, the artillery can be hard to use at higher ranges and isn't suitable for direct confrontation against other nation destroyers.
  • Relatively high surface detection range (7.6 km), especially compared to previous Japanese destroyers.
  • Poor turning radius
  • Long torpedo reload time.
  • Somewhat poor torpedo launch arcs.
  • Very fragile, module incapacitations will be a common occurrence when hit.
  • Poor AA, especially in the long range auras.
  • Main armament placement is poorly suited for offensive engagements.
  • Wide torpedo spread is only suitable for engaging broadside-on ships.


Being a Tier X ship, the only modules to research for the Shimakaze are her alternative torpedo armaments: the Type 93 mod. 3 torpedoes and the Type F3 torpedoes, respectively. Captains are recommended to research and mount the Type 93 mod. 3 or Type F3 as their primary torpedo armament. Please refer to the Performance section, above.

Optimale Konfiguration


Being a Tier X ship, Shimakaze has access to all six Upgrade Slots, with some flexibility in choice to allow preference to a particular play-style. For Upgrade Slot 1, Main Armaments Modification 1 is the best choice. For Upgrade Slot 2, Aiming Systems Modification 1 is the best choice. Upgrade Slot 3 will have some variety. Captains can take Torpedo Tubes Modification 3 to decrease the torpedo reload time, which is good for a torpedo build. Alternatively, captains can take Gun Fire Control System Modification 2 to increase the maximum firing range of primary artillery, which is good for a gun build. It's worth noting that as of the last concealment overhaul, your detect ability whilst shooting is exactly equal to your maximum gun range, so excessive gun range may be a hindrance. For Upgrade Slot 4, the recommended choice is Propulsion Modification 1, which reduces the chance of engine incapacitation so captains don’t lose Shimakaze’s advantage of speed. Although, Damage Control System Modification 1 is still a viable choice, as it decreases risk of fire and flooding. Upgrade Slot 5 also presents two good choices. Captains can pick Propulsion Modification 2 to increase acceleration to max speed; further taking advantage of her speed. Otherwise, pick Steering Gears Modification 2 for faster rudder shift time to increase the overall maneuverability of the ship. For Upgrade Slot 6, Concealment Systems Modification 1 is the best choice.



Shimakaze gets three consumables: Damage Control Party, Smoke Generator, and Engine Boost. It is recommended to take premium versions of all consumables that have the resources to spare, but for those captains, whom are cash-strapped, prioritize Smoke Generator II. As it goes, a spotted DD is a dead DD; therefore having premium Smoke Generator will provide more chances to disappear from a disadvantageous situation.


Shimakaze has access to Type 1, 2, 5, or 6 Camouflage; the first three acquired via credits. Types 1 or 5 are recommended at a minimum as they reduce detectability range by sea. Players who wish to spend doubloons can equip Shimakaze with Type 20 Camouflage, which lowers her detection radius, reduces accuracy of incoming shells, increases credits & experience earned in battle, and decreases post-battle costs.


The choice of which Signal Flags to mount will confer to the individual preference of each captain, and are subject to great variation, although there are certain flags which are worth the further emphasis. Captains should mount India Yankee to decrease time to extinguish fires, mount November Foxtrot to decrease reload time of consumables, and mount Sierra Mike to increase the ship's maximum speed. To make their torpedoes more potent, captains should mount Juliet Whisky Unaone to increase chance of causing flooding and Juliet Charlie to mitigate risk to magazine detonation from mounting the former flag. If captains wish to buff their primary artillery, they are encouraged to mount Victor Lima + India X-ray to increase fire chance to HE shells.



Historische Bilder


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