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Destroyer | Europe | Tier VIII
Tech Tree Position
Research price110000 exp
Purchase price8,800,000 Credits
Hit Points12,700 
Main Battery
120 mm/50 Model 1942 in a turret2 х 2 pcs.
Rate of Fire26.09 shots/min.
Reload Time2.3 sec.
Rotation Speed10 deg./sec.
180 Degree Turn Time18 sec.
Firing Range9.16 km.
Maximum Dispersion90 m.
HE Shell120 mm HE M1942 
Maximum HE Shell Damage1,700 
Chance of Fire on Target Caused by HE Shell%
Initial HE Shell Velocity850 m./s.
HE Shell Weight23.5 kg.
AP Shell120 mm AP M1942 
Maximum AP Shell Damage2,150 
Initial AP Shell Velocity850 m./s.
AP Shell Weight23.5 kg.
Torpedo Tubes
533 mm Triple2 х 3 pcs.
Rate of Fire1.02 shots/min.
Reload Time59 sec.
Rotation Speed25 deg./sec.
180 Degree Turn Time7.2 sec.
TorpedoTorped M1943 
Maximum Damage7,533 
Torpedo Speed76 knot
Torpedo Range12 km.
AA Defense
120 mm/50 Model 1942 in a turret2 х 2 pcs.
. . . Average Damage per Second48.6 
. . . Firing Range5.19 km.
40 mm/56 Bofors L/60 Model 1936 on a single mount4 х 1 pcs.
. . . Average Damage per Second30 
. . . Firing Range3.51 km.
25 mm akan L/64 Model 1932 on a single mount7 х 1 pcs.
. . . Average Damage per Second19.6 
. . . Firing Range2.49 km.
40 mm/56 Bofors L/60 Model 19361 х 2 pcs.
. . . Average Damage per Second10.6 
. . . Firing Range3.51 km.
Maximum Speed35 knot
Turning Circle Radius610 m.
Rudder Shift Time4.7 sec.
Surface Detectability Range7.2 km.
Air Detectability Range3.2 km.
Battle Levels

Öland — European Tier VIII destroyer.

A destroyer built on the basis of the experience gained during World War II. The ship's powerful AA defenses were provided by semi-automatic, dual-purpose main battery mounts and a large number of automatic AA guns.


Main Battery Guns Rate of Fire
180° Turn Time
Maximum Dispersion
Maximum HE Shell Damage
Chance of Fire on Target Caused by HE Shell
Maximum AP Shell Damage
Research price
Purchase price
120 mm/50 Model 1942 in a turret26.118901,70072,150 0600,000
Hull Hit Points
Main Turrets
Secondary Gun Turrets
AA Mounts
Torpedo Tubes
Hangar Capacity
Research price
Purchase price
Öland (A)12,70062027/4/1/22 0900,000
Öland (B)14,10062022/32 30,0002,400,000
Torpedoes Rate of Fire
Torpedo Tubes Reload Time
180° Turn Time
Maximum Damage
Torpedo Speed
Torpedo Range
Research price
Purchase price
Torped M19431597.27,5337612 0600,000
Torped M1943 mod 10.9707.210,7007612 20,0001,800,000
Maximum Firing Range
Research price
Purchase price
SUO Mk 8 Mod. 10 0600,000
SUO Mk 8 Mod. 20 20,0001,800,000
Engine Maximum Speed
Research price
Purchase price
Propulsion: 44,000 hp35 0600,000

Compatible Upgrades

 Slot 1 
Main Armaments Modification 1
Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1
Magazine Modification 1
Damage Control Party Modification 1
 Slot 2 
Damage Control System Modification 1
Engine Boost Modification 1
Defensive AA Fire Modification 1
Engine Room Protection
 Slot 3 
Main Battery Modification 2
AA Guns Modification 1
Aiming Systems Modification 1
Torpedo Tubes Modification 1
 Slot 4 
Damage Control System Modification 2
Propulsion Modification 1
Steering Gears Modification 1
Depth Charges Modification 1
 Slot 5 
Torpedo Lookout System
Concealment System Modification 1
Steering Gears Modification 2
Ship Consumables Modification 1

Player Opinion


Warning. The data presented in the AA Defense sidebar section may be incorrect.
Refer to the in-game Port screens for more useful data.

Öland is the Tier VIII Tech Tree ship of the Pan-European destroyer branch and offers only a few improvements over her Tier VII sister Skåne.

The Öland in World of Warships is a distinguished member of the Swedish destroyer line, located at Tier VIII. This line is celebrated for its unique torpedoes, known for their exceptional speed, extensive range, and rapid reloading, albeit with modest damage output. Notably, the Öland is characterized by its lack of a smoke screen, relatively low speed, and the presence of a repair party consumable.

Torpedo Armament: A defining characteristic of Swedish destroyers is their torpedoes, known for their impressive speed and range. These torpedoes are designed for tactical flexibility, enabling Swedish destroyers to engage from a distance, forcing opponents into evasive actions and disrupting their maneuvers. It is worth keeping in mind that with only 6 low-damage torpedoes, captains may be hard pressed to destroy heavyily armed battleships in one go, thus yolos are not recommended. Although their damage potential is relatively low, Swedish torpedoes excel at map control, area denial, and providing crucial screening support for the team.

Anti-Aircraft (AA) Capabilities: The Öland cruiser features relatively impressive AA defenses, further enhanced by its Defensive AA Fire consumable. Its AA suite is renowned for its effectiveness, making it invaluable in safeguarding allied ships from enemy aircraft attacks. The dual-purpose nature of the main guns also contributes to its formidable AA capabilities, making the Öland a potent protector of the skies for the fleet.

Main Armament: In addition to its torpedoes and AA capabilities, the Öland cruiser is equipped with a primary armament comprising four 120mm guns. While they may not match the firepower of some other gunboat destroyers, their rapid rate of fire enables the Öland to engage enemy destroyers and exert consistent pressure on larger vessels. These guns are useful for providing covering fire and engaging adversaries effectively in various combat situations, however 1v1 fights against other destroyers should still be avoided to her lack of ability to disengage quickly.

The Öland's versatility, combining its unique torpedoes, robust AA defenses, rapid firing main guns, and the unique addition of a repair party, makes it a highly adaptable destroyer, capable of fulfilling multiple roles on the battlefield. Its torpedoes are designed for control and disruption, its AA capabilities ensure air superiority for the team, and its main guns provide sustained firepower against a variety of targets. The presence of a repair party further enhances its survivability, allowing it to endure the rigors of battle. This multifaceted approach and tactical flexibility make the Öland a compelling choice for players who appreciate the nuances of destroyer gameplay in World of Warships.


  • Very good main battery rate of fire
  • Very fast torpedoes with very good range and a fairly quick reload
  • Excellent AA suite as well as access to the Defensive AA FireWhile active, the damage per second of large caliber anti-aircraft guns is increased. consumable
  • Decent concealment
  • Access to the Repair PartyWhile active, restores a percentage of the ship's health points each second. consumable


  • Lacks the Smoke GeneratorWhile active, generates a smoke screen that blocks line-of-sight for both enemies and teammates. consumable
  • Ship speed is lacking for a destroyer
  • Lowest torpedo alpha damage for a Tier 8 destroyer, with only 6 torpedo tubes
  • Very low hitpoint pool
  • Short main battery range


Availability of researchable upgrades for Öland is as follows:

  • Hull: Upgrade to Hull (B) for an increase in hitpoints, AA and maneuverability. Research of this module unlocks progression to Östergötland.
  • Gun Fire Control System: Upgrade to SUO Mk8 Mod 2 for an extra 10% range on the main battery.
Upgrading to the (B) Hull should be priority, as Öland's low hitpool should take any improvement it can get.

Optimal Configuration


The recommended upgrades for Öland are as follows:

Commander Skills


Öland equips the following consumables:


Note: Use of the Juliet Charlie signal makes detonation impossible.


Historical Info

Historical Gallery


  1. Öland-class destroyer - Wikipedia

Ship Change Log

See here for links to Update notes.

  • Available for testing by supertesters in the game starting from Update 0.9.0.

Testing Changes

  • Dec 5, 2019:
    • Preliminary characteristics.
  • Dec 27, 2019:
    • Updated ship's AA guns and continuous AA damage:
      • Continuous damage of the short-range AA guns increased from 46 to 49.
      • Continuous damage of the mid-range AA guns decreased from 161 to 95.
      • Continuous damage of the long-range AA guns increased from 63 to 70.
  • Jan 10, 2020:
    • Number of charges of the Repair Party consumable increased from 1(2) to 2(3).
    • Main battery reload time decreased from 3.5 to 2.5 s.
    • Detectability ranges decreased:
      • By ships from 8.02 to 7.22 km.
      • After firing main guns in smoke from 2.9 to 2.57 km.
      • By aircraft from 3.46 to 3.12 km.
    • Surveillance Radar consumable removed and replaced with the Defensive AA Fire consumable.
  • Feb 21, 2020:
    • Main battery reload time increased from 2.5 to 2.6 s.
    • Detectability range by ships increased from 7.22 to 7.42 km. Other detectability ranges increased accordingly.
  • Mar 6, 2020:
    • Repair Party consumable action time increased from 10 to 14 s.
    • Main battery reload time decreased from 2.6 to 2.5 s.
  • Introduced in Update 0.9.2 for European tokens in the Armory.
  • Introduced into the game as a researchable ship in Update 0.9.3.
    • Basic torpedo modules are now researchable. The characteristics of the new base module are similar to the characteristics of the researchable torpedo module of the destroyer of the previous tier.
    • Minor fixes to textures and ship model.
  • Update 0.9.4:
    • Stock torpedo tubes reload time decreased from 70 to 59 s.
  • Update 0.11.7:
    • The special (early access) permanent camouflage was renamed to "Traditions of the North".
  • Update 12.5:
    • Main battery reload time reduced from 2.5 to 2.3 seconds.
  • Update 13.3:
    • The number of bombs per Depth Charge drop increased from 12 to 16.

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