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Destroyer | Europe | Tier X
Tech Tree Position
Research price235000 exp
Purchase price20,000,000 Credits
Hit Points19,200 
Main Battery
120 mm/50 Model 1950 in a turret2 х 2 pcs.
Rate of Fire30 shots/min.
Reload Timesec.
Rotation Speed25 deg./sec.
180 Degree Turn Time7.2 sec.
Firing Range10.45 km.
Maximum Dispersion93 m.
HE Shell120 mm HE M1950 
Maximum HE Shell Damage1,750 
Chance of Fire on Target Caused by HE Shell%
Initial HE Shell Velocity825 m./s.
HE Shell Weight23.5 kg.
AP Shell120 mm AP M1950 
Maximum AP Shell Damage2,100 
Initial AP Shell Velocity825 m./s.
AP Shell Weight23.5 kg.
Torpedo Tubes
533 mm Quintuple2 х 5 pcs.
Rate of Fire0.6 shots/min.
Reload Time100 sec.
Rotation Speed25 deg./sec.
180 Degree Turn Time7.2 sec.
TorpedoTorped M1947 mod 1 
Maximum Damage10,700 
Torpedo Speed86 knot
Torpedo Range15 km.
AA Defense
120 mm/50 Model 1950 in a turret2 х 2 pcs.
. . . Average Damage per Second122.4 
. . . Firing Range5.19 km.
40 mm/70 SAK-40/L70-350 on a SAK-40/L70-350 mount6 х 1 pcs.
. . . Average Damage per Second156.6 
. . . Firing Range3.51 km.
57 mm/60 SAK Model 1950 on a Model 1950 mount1 х 2 pcs.
. . . Average Damage per Second50.2 
. . . Firing Range3.99 km.
Maximum Speed35 knot
Turning Circle Radius660 m.
Rudder Shift Time4.3 sec.
Surface Detectability Range7.39 km.
Air Detectability Range3.38 km.
Battle Levels

Halland — European Tier X destroyer.

The largest and most powerful destroyers in the Swedish Navy. Their main advantages were their powerful AA defenses and extremely rapid-firing main battery artillery.


Main Battery Guns Rate of Fire
180° Turn Time
Maximum Dispersion
Maximum HE Shell Damage
Chance of Fire on Target Caused by HE Shell
Maximum AP Shell Damage
Research price
Purchase price
120 mm/50 Model 1950 in a turret307.2931,75082,100 02,000,000
Hull Hit Points
Main Turrets
Secondary Gun Turrets
AA Mounts
Torpedo Tubes
Hangar Capacity
Research price
Purchase price
Halland19,20062026/1/22 03,000,000
Torpedoes Rate of Fire
Torpedo Tubes Reload Time
180° Turn Time
Maximum Damage
Torpedo Speed
Torpedo Range
Research price
Purchase price
Torped M1947 mod 10.61007.210,7008615 02,000,000
Maximum Firing Range
Research price
Purchase price
SUO Mk 10 Mod. 10 02,000,000
Engine Maximum Speed
Research price
Purchase price
Propulsion: 58,000 hp35 02,000,000

Compatible Upgrades

 Slot 1 
Main Armaments Modification 1
Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1
Magazine Modification 1
Damage Control Party Modification 1
 Slot 2 
Damage Control System Modification 1
Engine Boost Modification 1
Defensive AA Fire Modification 1
Engine Room Protection
 Slot 3 
Main Battery Modification 2
AA Guns Modification 1
Aiming Systems Modification 1
Torpedo Tubes Modification 1
 Slot 4 
Damage Control System Modification 2
Propulsion Modification 1
Steering Gears Modification 1
Depth Charges Modification 1
 Slot 5 
Torpedo Lookout System
Concealment System Modification 1
Steering Gears Modification 2
Ship Consumables Modification 1
 Slot 6 
Main Battery Modification 3
Torpedo Tubes Modification 2
Gun Fire Control System Modification 2
Auxiliary Armaments Modification 2
Advanced Mechanical Maintenance

Player Opinion


Warning. The data presented in the AA Defense sidebar section may be incorrect.
Refer to the in-game Port screens for more useful data.

Halland is the pinnacle of the pan-European destroyer line, continuing the line's unique concept of the smoke-less torpedo-focused destroyer. Captains who have played the previous Pan-European destroyers will be right at home when playing the Halland.

Like her predecessor ship, Halland shares many of their same strengths and weaknesses. Though her base HP pool is mediocre, this is compensated by her access to Repair PartyWhile active, restores a percentage of the ship's health points each second.. With the right ship upgrades and captain setup, Halland can effectively have up to ~38,000 HP assuming all 4 heals are used efficiently. This is very important as Halland does not carry Smoke GeneratorWhile active, generates a smoke screen that blocks line-of-sight for both enemies and teammates. and typically takes more damage when disengaging. The heals allow Halland to remain a threat into the late game when many other DDs are low on consumables or at critical health.

While Halland isn't considered a gunboat DD, her 4x 120mm guns still output considerable damage, actually having higher HE DPM than most DDs (at least on paper). Unlike the previous Pan European DDs, Halland's turrets have reasonably fast turret traverse rates. These traits allow Halland to fight DDs at close range in a pinch. In these scenarios, her low gun range actually works to her advantage. If the enemy DD breaks detection and no other enemy ship is within her low gun bloom detection, then she can drop detection immediately. At longer ranges, her poor gun performance becomes apparent with long shell travel time and short-range. Due to her lack of access to Smoke GeneratorWhile active, generates a smoke screen that blocks line-of-sight for both enemies and teammates., it is generally ill-advised to rely on her guns outside of fighting other non-gunboat DDs.

As the highest tiered Pan-European tech tree DD, Halland has access to the best of the Pan-EU torpedoes. Though they have the lowest damage, they are the fastest torps in the game with good range and relatively fast reload times. She even gets access to a "Super-Narrow" spread like the other Pan-EU DDs. These traits combine to make Halland one of the most consistent and effective torpedo DDs in the game.

Like other high tier Pan-EU DDs, Halland carries an extremely effective anti-air suite. With Defensive AA FireWhile active, the damage per second of large caliber anti-aircraft guns is increased. active, Halland has the most powerful AA of any DD in the game, capable of swatting down waves of attack planes without breaking a sweat. Better yet, she can turn her AA off and ambush planes with her small aerial detection radius. All but the most skilled carrier players will fear her AA capabilities.

Halland 's maneuverability at best is considered acceptable. Though she has a relatively tight turning radius, she is one of the slowest DDs in the game. Some faster cruisers and even a few BBs can match her pace or even outrun her. Still, this is enough for Halland players to rely on their respectable turning ability to evade shells.

When properly outfitted, Halland 's concealment can be lowered to a respectable 6.0km. This is competitive with all but the IJN torpedo-focused DDs, Gearing equipped with her legendary upgrade, and a few other DDs with very low surface detection. Halland 's detection is low enough for her to perform the traditional DD roles, including spotting for her team, fighting other DDs, and contesting capture points.


Halland plays very similarly to her lower-tier counterparts in the line; a smokeless torpedo-focused DD who can defend herself from other DDs and CVs. Halland 's torps trade raw damage for consistency; though they are unlikely to kill enemies in 1 strike, the numerous fast torps can whittle down enemies or at least force them to stay on their toes. Even enemy DDs may find her torps difficult to dodge due to their sheer speed. These torps are her main offensive weapon, so it is recommended to invest heavily in them to land more torpedo hits. Though her guns have potential, Halland 's lack of smoke makes it difficult for her to trade efficiently against anything bigger than another DD. That being said, Halland can bully other isolated non-gunboat DDs due to her respectable firepower. If possible, Halland players should force favorable engagements with other DDs as their heal allows them to attrition most other DDs to death. Basically, Halland 's goal is to win the spotting advantage for her team by killing other DDs with her fast torpedoes and effective guns. If this isn't possible, she can harass enemy capital ships with her long-range torpedoes and screen enemy torpedoes for her own. When playing near capture points, Halland should save her torpedoes for when the enemy DD smokes. A well-timed torpedo attack on a vulnerable DD can net you both a kill and control of the capture point.

What really makes Halland truly shine is during CV matches. Unlike other DDs, CVs are usually reluctant to focus Halland due to her formidable AA suite. They will lose a lot of planes even during successful runs. Whereas other DDs have to play more cautiously, Halland can play somewhat more similar to a non-CV match, potentially allowing for better torpedo angles or more aggressive plays in certain situations. She can also provide effective AA cover for her allies. Keep in mind CVs will spot her when AA is active, so try to avoid being spotted in a vulnerable position. It is not an effective trade if you exchange half your health to enemy surface ships for an entire enemy attack squad.

Overall, Halland is a potent DD. Easy to play with her long-range torps, but is difficult to master because of her lack of smoke and the unforgiving nature of the Tier X metagame. Those who take the time to learn Halland 's strengths and weaknesses will be rewarded with a strong versatile ship with an answer for almost every situation.


  • Good main gun DPM and fire chance
  • Torpedoes have great range and speed, and reload quickly
  • Access to an extra narrow torpedo spread
  • Access to the Defensive AA FireWhile active, the damage per second of large caliber anti-aircraft guns is increased. consumable, in a separate slot
  • Strongest AA capabilities of any techtree destroyer
  • Repair PartyWhile active, restores a percentage of the ship's health points each second. consumable is in its own slot
  • Decent concealment


  • No Smoke GeneratorWhile active, generates a smoke screen that blocks line-of-sight for both enemies and teammates.
  • Short main battery range
  • Only four main guns, per-salvo damage is low
  • Per-torpedo damage is very low, and their detectability very high
  • Large size and no armour, easily hit and damaged
  • Awful mobility - top speed is low, and the ship is very sluggish
  • Depth charges are launched in front of the ship, can make dealing with enemy submarines tricky

Optimal Configuration


The recommended upgrades for Halland are as follows:

Commander Skills


Note: Use of the Juliet Charlie signal makes detonation impossible.


Historical Info

Historical Gallery


  1. Halland-class destroyer - Wikipedia

Ship Change Log

See here for links to Update notes.

  • Available for testing by supertesters in the game starting from Update 0.9.0.

Testing Changes

  • Dec 5, 2019:
    • Preliminary characteristics.
  • Jan 10, 2020:
    • Number of charges of the Repair Party consumable increased from 1(2) to 2(3).
    • Main battery reload time decreased from 2.5 to 2.0 s.
    • Detectability ranges decreased:
      • By ships from 8.92 to 7.62 km.
      • After firing main guns in smoke from 3.32 to 2.73 km.
      • By aircraft from 3.95 to 3.38 km.
    • Torpedo tube reload time decreased from 110 to 100 s.
    • Surveillance Radar consumable removed and replaced with the Defensive AA Fire consumable.
  • Feb 7, 2020:
    • Mid-range AA range decreased from 5 to 4 km.
    • Continuous damage of the mid-range AA zone increased from 340 to 347 damage per second.
    • Continuous damage of the long-range AA zone increased from 140 to 144 damage per second.
  • Update 0.9.3:
    • Added to the tech tree.
    • Minor fixes to textures and ship model.
  • Update 0.9.4:
    • Minor fixes for textures and ship model.
  • Update 0.11.1:
    • Minor corrections to geometry and textures of the ship.
  • Update 0.11.6:
    • Torpedo damage was accidentally increased from 10,700 to 11,467.
  • Update 0.11.7:
    • Torpedo damage was decreased from 11,467 to 10,700 to rectify accidental change.
  • Update 0.11.7:
    • The special (early access) permanent camouflage was renamed to "Traditions of the North".
  • Update 0.11.11:
    • Forward firing angles over the bow improved. Halland's guns can now shoot directly forward at a distance of 7 km or less.
  • Update 12.2:
  • The King of the Sea — Viking permanent camouflage was added.
  • Update 12.3:
    • Added the "Advanced Mechanical Maintenance" unique upgrade in Slot 6, available in the Research Bureau for 19,200 Research Points, with the following parameters:
      • Increases HP recovery efficiency when using the Repair Party consumable from 50 to 75%.
      • Increases the ship's maximum speed by 8% while the Engine Boost consumable is active.
      • All consumables gain one additional charge.
  • Update 12.7:
    • Fixed an error that caused the tooltips in the Port and in battle to not show the effects from the bonuses of the unique upgrade for the ship.

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