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Admiral Graf Spee

Admiral Graf Spee

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Admiral Graf Spee
Cruiser | Germany | Tier VI
Tech Tree Position
Purchase priceSpecial Doubloons
Hit Points39,400 
Main Battery
283 mm/52 SK C/28 on a Drh LC/28 mount2 х 3 pcs.
Rate of Fireshots/min.
Reload Time20 sec.
Rotation Speed7.2 deg./sec.
180 Degree Turn Time25 sec.
Firing Range16.01 km.
Maximum Dispersion182 m.
HE Shell283 mm Spr.Gr. L/4.2 Kz. 
Maximum HE Shell Damage3,200 
Chance of Fire on Target Caused by HE Shell20 %
Initial HE Shell Velocity910 m./s.
HE Shell Weight300 kg.
AP Shell283 mm P.Spr.Gr. L/3.7 
Maximum AP Shell Damage8,400 
Initial AP Shell Velocity910 m./s.
AP Shell Weight300 kg.
Secondary Armament #1
150 mm/55 SK C/28 on an MPL/35 mount8 х 1 pcs.
Firing Range5.6 km.
Rate of Fireshots/min.
Reload Time7.5 sec.
HE Shell150 mm Spr.Gr. L/4.5 
Maximum HE Shell Damage1,700 
Initial HE Shell Velocity875 m./s.
Chance of Fire on Target Caused by HE Shell%
Secondary Armament #2
105 mm/65 SK C/33 on a Dop. L. C/31 mount3 х 2 pcs.
Firing Range5.6 km.
Rate of Fire17.91 shots/min.
Reload Time3.35 sec.
HE Shell105 mm Spr.Gr. Kz. 
Maximum HE Shell Damage1,200 
Initial HE Shell Velocity900 m./s.
Chance of Fire on Target Caused by HE Shell%
Torpedo Tubes
533 mm Vierling2 х 4 pcs.
Rate of Fire0.67 shots/min.
Reload Time90 sec.
Rotation Speed25 deg./sec.
180 Degree Turn Time7.2 sec.
TorpedoG7 Steinbutt 
Maximum Damage13,700 
Torpedo Speed65 knot
Torpedo Range8.01 km.
AA Defense
105 mm/65 SK C/33 on a Dop. L. C/31 mount3 х 2 pcs.
. . . Average Damage per Second49.8 
. . . Firing Range4.5 km.
20 mm/65 C/38 on an L/30 single mount4 х 1 pcs.
. . . Average Damage per Second12 
. . . Firing Range2.01 km.
IDS_PGGA088_20MM_FLAK_386 х 1 pcs.
. . . Average Damage per Second18 
. . . Firing Range2.01 km.
37 mm/83 SK C/30 on a Dopp LC/30 mount4 х 2 pcs.
. . . Average Damage per Second10.4 
. . . Firing Range3.51 km.
Maximum Speed28.5 knot
Turning Circle Radius680 m.
Rudder Shift Time10.3 sec.
Surface Detectability Range12.76 km.
Air Detectability Range6.79 km.
Battle Levels

Admiral Graf Spee — German special premium Tier VI cruiser.

Admiral Graf Spee belonged to a class of unique ships that combined the features of both a battleship and a cruiser. The German Navy officially classified her as a cruiser. Armed with 283mm main guns, the ship was superior to any light or heavy cruiser of her time and was only slightly inferior to them in terms of speed.

Admiral Graf Spee was first released for sale on 22 December 2016 for the NA server and 23 December 2016 for the EU server. As of the 0.10.5 update (June 2021) She is no longer available.


Main Battery Guns Rate of Fire
180° Turn Time
Maximum Dispersion
Maximum HE Shell Damage
Chance of Fire on Target Caused by HE Shell
Maximum AP Shell Damage
Research price
Purchase price
283 mm/52 SK C/28 on a Drh LC/28 mount3251823,200208,400 00
Hull Hit Points
Main Turrets
Secondary Gun Turrets
AA Mounts
Torpedo Tubes
Hangar Capacity
Research price
Purchase price
Admiral Graf Spee39,4001317023/810/4/32 00
Torpedoes Rate of Fire
Torpedo Tubes Reload Time
180° Turn Time
Maximum Damage
Torpedo Speed
Torpedo Range
Research price
Purchase price
G7 Steinbutt0.7907.213,700658 00
Maximum Firing Range
Research price
Purchase price
FKS Typ 6 Mod. 10 00
Engine Maximum Speed
Research price
Purchase price
Propulsion: 54,000 hp28.5 00

Compatible Upgrades

 Slot 1 
Main Armaments Modification 1
Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1
Magazine Modification 1
Damage Control Party Modification 1
 Slot 2 
Damage Control System Modification 1
Defensive AA Fire Modification 1
Hydroacoustic Search Modification 1
Engine Room Protection
 Slot 3 
Main Battery Modification 2
Secondary Battery Modification 1
AA Guns Modification 1
Aiming Systems Modification 1
Torpedo Tubes Modification 1
 Slot 4 
Damage Control System Modification 2
Propulsion Modification 1
Steering Gears Modification 1
Airstrike Modification 1

Player Opinion


Warning. The data presented in the AA Defense sidebar section may be incorrect.
Refer to the in-game Port screens for more useful data.

Admiral Graf Spee is a premium Tier VI German cruiser that straddles the line with battleships in several ways. Most notably, her main battery is comprised of 283mm guns: the same caliber as Tier III battleship Nassau and Tier VII battleship Scharnhorst. With an alpha damage of 8,400 per shell and a 20 second reload time, the guns perform exceptionally well against lightly-armored enemy units. As a cruiser, her version of the 283mm guns seem to have much tighter dispersion patterns than Scharnhorst, rewarding accurate shell placement; unfortunately, with only six barrels total, bad dispersion can still ruin what would appear to be a well-aimed salvo.

Her other battleship-like characteristic is her access to the Repair PartyWhile active, restores a percentage of the ship's health points each second. consumable, normally reserved for Tier IX and X cruisers. Spee will need the extra health, as her maneuverability is far below most cruisers (but still better than many battleships). Like other Tier VI cruisers, she receives the option of equipping either Defensive AA FireWhile active, the damage per second of large caliber anti-aircraft guns is increased. or Hydroacoustic SearchWhile active, detects all enemy ships and torpedoes within the specified radius, without regard of obstacles such as smoke and terrain.. Spee’s last major unique characteristic is her torpedoes. Unlike the rest of the German cruiser line — and the German battleships with them — Admiral Graf Spee’s torpedoes have a range of 8.0 km instead of 6.0 km, allowing captains to surprise enemies who may believe they are safely outside her torpedo range and providing a bit more flexibility in their use.

While Admiral Graf Spee is big and bulky, she is armored in a similar fashion to the rest of her cruiser classmates; she takes lots of damage and mistakes in positioning her will be quickly punished. Spee is not a ship for the un-skilled, but is a powerful tool in the hands of players who know how to minimize their exposure enemy fire and mitigate incoming damage.


  • Largest health pool of all Tier 6 cruisers
  • Largest guns of all Tier 6 cruiser with high AP penetration and damage, enough to be a threat to battleships
  • Excellent turret traverse speed for such large guns
  • Good torpedoes with good range and wide firing arcs
  • Very good torpedo protection for a cruiser
  • Decent AA suite
  • Access to several useful consumables, including Repair PartyWhile active, restores a percentage of the ship's health points each second.


  • Only six rifles in two turrets, poor DPM
  • Bad main battery firing arcs (better when angling/kiting away)
  • Very poor reload speed for a cruiser
  • Underwhelming HE performance, low damage and poor fire chance
  • Slowest Tier 6 cruiser
  • Worst accuracy of all Tier 6 cruisers
  • Fires and floods last longer compared to standard cruisers
  • Thin plating makes her vulnerable to most higher tier BBs from overmatch (16mm bow and 25mm deck)
  • Torpedo launcher easily get incapacitated or destroyed when kitting
  • Vulnerable engine and rudder from big HE shell and torpedo


As a premium ship, Admiral Graf Spee doesn't have any upgrades to research.

Optimal Configuration


The recommended upgrades for Admiral Graf Spee are as follows:

The upgrade options available for Admiral Graf Spee won't radically alter how she plays, but they can be used to help shore up some of her weaker attributes. Main Armaments Modification 1 is the best fit for Upgrade Slot 1; with only two main battery turrets on a relatively slow reload, Admiral Graf Spee shares Dunkerque’s vulnerability to turret-disabling hits. Damage Control System Modification 1 should be plugged into Upgrade Slot 2, while Steering Gears Modification 1 is recommended in Upgrade Slot 4 to improve her handling characteristics.

This leaves only Upgrade Slot 3, which offers some intriguing options. Particularly daring cruiser captains might wish to equip Secondary Battery Modification 1 : +20% secondary battery firing range. / -20% secondary battery dispersion.; coupled with the German Hydroacoustic SearchWhile active, detects all enemy ships and torpedoes within the specified radius, without regard of obstacles such as smoke and terrain., this would allow them to aggressively close with enemy cruisers and destroyers. It's a risky tactic given her relatively light armor scheme, but might pay off in certain situations given Admiral Graf Spee’s healthy secondary armament. Either Aiming Systems Modification 1 or AA Guns Modification 1 +20% reduction in the preparation time of the priority AA sector. are safer bets, offering small but notable buffs to her dispersion and anti-aircraft bubble, respectively. Captains are recommended to choose what they feel will best fit their play style for the ship.

Commander Skills


Admiral Graf Spee can equip the following consumables:


As a premium ship, Admiral Graf Spee comes with Default permanent camouflage and a set of permanent combat bonuses.


Admiral Graf Spee is a tad on the slow side for a cruiser; this can be helped by equipping Sierra Mike (+5% to the ship's maximum speed.) to bump her top speed to 29.9 knots. Other flags worth considering are: Mike Yankee Soxisix (+5% to secondary battery maximum firing range. / -5% to maximum dispersion of secondary battery shells. / -5% to secondary battery loading time.) for captains who went with a secondary battery build; India Delta (+20% to the amount of HP recovered when the Repair Party consumable is used.) to get the most out of her Repair PartyWhile active, restores a percentage of the ship's health points each second.; November Foxtrot (-5% reload time on all consumables.) to improve the cooldown times on her various consumables; and India Yankee (-20% to fire duration.) to further increase her survivability.

Note: Use of the Juliet Charlie signal makes detonation impossible.


Historical Info

Historical Gallery



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Ship Change Log

See here for links to Update notes.

  • Available to supertesters in the game starting from Update 0.5.15.
  • First appeared on sale in December 2016.
  • Update 0.6.2:
    • Fixed small visual bugs at low and medium graphics settings.
    • Update
    • Fixed a bug where the visual armor scheme was displayed incorrectly.
  • Update 0.6.4:
    • Available for purchase for doubloons in the game client.
  • Update 0.6.8:
    • For 105 mm secondary battery shells, the chance of setting fire was reduced from 9% to 5%, and the damage from 1300 to 1200.
  • Update 0.6.12:
    • Detectability when firing main guns in smoke changed to 9.47 km.
  • Update 0.6.13:
    • Fire extinguishing time now 45 s instead of 60 s.
    • Improved display of thin elements.
  • Update 0.6.15:
    • A bonus was added to the permanent camouflages "Type 10", "Type 12" - a 10% discount to the cost of post-battle service.
  • Update 0.7.7:
    • Became unavailable in the game client for purchase with doubloons.
  • Update 0.7.10:
    • The range of the Hydroacoustic Search consumable was unified - 5.5 km for detecting ships, 3.75 km for detecting torpedoes.
  • Update 0.7.11:
    • Became available in the game client for purchase for doubloons.
  • Update 0.7.12:
    • Fixed a bug with incorrect armor penetration. The armor penetration of the 150 mm secondary HE shells was increased from 36 mm to 37 mm.
    • Minor fixes to geometry and textures.
  • Update 0.8.7:
    • Added a special permanent camouflage in the national style with the following bonuses:
      • −3% to detectability from ships.
      • +4% to the dispersion of enemy shells firing at your ship.
      • −10% to the cost of post-battle ship maintenance.
      • +100% to experience earned in a battle.
      • +35% to credits earned in a battle.
  • Update 0.9.2:
    • Penetration of 105 mm HE shells increased from 18 to 26 mm.
    • The central armor was reinforced from 16 mm to 25 mm.
  • Update 0.9.8:
    • Minor fixes to textures and geometry of the ship.
  • Update 0.10.0:
    • The firing range of the secondary battery was increased to 5.6 km.
  • Update 0.10.5:
    • Graf Spee was removed for purchase from the Premium store and the Armory.
  • Update 0.10.10:
    • Minor fixes to geometry and textures of the ship.

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